mercoledì 12 aprile 2017

Fire at WMLK 9275

Fire at WMLK (9275 kHz) Fire damages Christian ministry radio transmitter building in Bethel Township - Reading Eagle - 24 March: The building housing the radio transmitter for an international Christian ministry in northwestern Berks County was damaged by an electrical fire, a state police fire marshal said. Crews were called to the fire shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday [22 March] at Assemblies of Yahweh, 90 Stauffer Lane, just north of Interstate 78 in Bethel Township, Trooper Janssen M. Herb said. Firefighters found flames on the roof and interior of the structure and were unable to contain the fire because of strong wind gusts. Flames spread to the rest of the structure, which contains multiple high-voltage electrical transformers for the radio transmission. No injuries were reported. The building was occupied at the time, and the radio station was broadcasting, Herb said. The fire caused at least $5,000 in structural damage and perhaps tens of thousands of dollars in damage to electrical equipment, the fire marshal said. An investigation showed the fire originated where aluminium electrical wiring extended from the building to the antenna, energizing the antenna. The exact cause of the ignition to the roof and structure hasn't been determined. According to its website, Assemblies of Yahweh, a religious organization and ministry, was founded in 1966 as Sacred Name Radio Broadcast by the late Jacob O. Meyer, known as Elder Meyer. Meyer, who died in 2010, spent much of his life advocating understanding and usage of biblically correct sacred names in worship and study. Calls to the ministry for information about the fire's impact on operations went unanswered Thursday. (via Alan Pennington, April BDXC-UK Communication via DXLD)

First I had heard about this; seems like I had run across 9275 since that date, but maybe not. Would be Sun-Fri 1600-2100 UT approx. (gh, DXLD)