martedì 7 marzo 2017

VORW Radio International test transmission

There will be a test transmission of VORW Radio International via ShortwaveService. The transmission will take place at 1200 UTC on March 9th on the frequency of 12085 kHz.

The transmitter will be a 100 kW unit via the Tashkent transmitting station in Uzbekistan and target of the broadcast will be East Asia, with a focus on Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

It is likely that the transmission will be received elsewhere, perhaps throughout Russia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and maybe even Europe and Australia if conditions permit.

The transmission will be the same program heard on the usual frequencies, featuring a mixture of commentary and listener-requested music.

As usual, if you hear the broadcast, comments and reception reports are welcome at E-QSL's will be promptly sent out.

Transmission Schedule:

Thursday 1000 UTC - 5850 kHz - To Pacific Northwest / Northeast Asia
Thursday 1200 UTC - 12085 kHz - To East Asia [March 9th ONLY]
Thursday 1300 UTC - 6070 kHz - To Europe
Thursday 2000 UTC - 6070 kHz - To Europe
Friday 0100 UTC - 7490 kHz - To North America
Friday 1130 UTC - 3210 kHz - To NSW Australia

(via dxld yg)