sabato 11 marzo 2017

The K7RA Solar Update

Over four days last week, we saw a blank Sun, starting with March 4. On March 5, the sunspot number was 11 (indicating a single sunspot), then on March 6-8 the Sun was blank again. Thus, we saw an average daily sunspot number of just 14.1, a 20-point drop from the previous seven days.

Yesterday (Thursday) still no sunspots (our reporting week for calculating averages runs Thursday through Wednesday, so the zero-sunspot number for Thursday will be included in the average for the March 17 bulletin).

Geomagnetic activity forecast for the period March 10-April 5, 2017 from F.K. Janda, OK1HH, of the Czech Propagation Interest Group.

"Geomagnetic field will be:

Quiet on March 14-15, 21, 26
Mostly quiet on March 1 0-13, 20
Quiet to unsettled March 16, 22, 25, April 4
Quiet to active on March 18-19, 24, 27-29, 31, April 1-3, 5
Active to disturbed on March 17, 23, 30

Amplifications of the solar wind from coronal holes are expected on March (20-22,) 23-27, (April 3-8)
- Parenthesis means lower probability of activity enhancement and/or lower reliability of prediction."