lunedì 13 marzo 2017

New transmissions from AIR Kota 1413 kHz MW

During the last few days, I was observing some co channel interference on BBC 1413 kHz Medium Wave.
I noted that it was the new transmission from AIR Kota.
AIR Kota used to operate on 1413 kHz with 20 kW only on daytimes and with 1 kW on 1584 kHz in mornings/evenings/night.When I contacted AIR Kota, I was told that from 9 Mar 2017, they are using 1413 kHz for all transmissions as the 1 kW transmitter has become faulty.
The best time to listen to clear signals of AIR Kota on 1413 kHz is at their sign on at 0025 to 0029 UTC (5.55 to 5.59 AM IST) when BBC is off. (BBC starts at 0029 UTC)
1584 kHz in not listed in the recent official schedules of AIR issued from AIR HQ.
The website of AIR Kota is: of my AIR Kota QSL: Yours sincerely,

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio 
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