venerdì 3 marzo 2017

New SW transmitter for HCJB on 6050

ECUADOR On 02 March 2017 at 02:19 hrs wrote The Andean Voice:

A warm hello from Quito-Ecuador,
Today a new transmitter was put into operation on
Mt. Pichincha, the Now runs 24 hours a day.

It still lacks air in 4000m sea height, so that the thermoswitch
between him and-off and then turns off (about 5 minutes) again.
If the signal reaches Europe, I can still put some German
consignments from the cans.
Your Horst Rosiak, Quito, Ecuador.
(Via Wolfgang Gargitter-AUT, A-DX ng March 2)

New KW transmitter 6050 kHz.
Basically a very gratifying message.
{I'll} Watch the frequency in the near future, and am anxious,
Which penetrates Europe. Until about 5 clock UTC it is still
present here dark.

For how long is the 24-hrs test operation planned before
returning to the Regulatory dispatch at 2:30 pm UT is passed? -
Applies to the Test phase is the regular broadcast schedule in
Indian languages, or is increased In English, Spanish, possibly
even German, sent, test announcements? - RRs Can you send
by the end of 2016 via the online form?

Have noticed that the transmitter is currently silent. - At least
bother Also the station from China to 6050 khz around this
year and day time no more.

I wish you every success in the commissioning of the new station in
Airy height.

Greeting from Tyrol, (Wolfgang Gargitter-AUT, A-DX ng March 2)

(via Ron Howard, DXLD)