venerdì 3 marzo 2017

Glenn Hauser logs March 3, 2017

** CANADA. 15034-USB, March 3 at 1526, Trenton Military with ``no report received`` from Winnipeg, Edmonton; usual 61-minute-slow wrong timecheck for 1425Z, but succeeds in getting a report next from Cold Lake (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. 6050, March 3 at 0620, very surprised to find Spanish here, and it`s a heavily produced gospel huxter, sounds like Ministerio En Contacto, California. What could it be but HCJB? For many years they signed off at 0500*, but recently cut back to 0230v*. Revived or a mistake? I didn`t think they were on the air at all at this hour, and MW 690 was recently turned off forever. Maybe FM 89.3 programming is available, running 24h. I keep listening for the tell-tale half-hour timesignal, and there it is right at 0630, and into song, so I`m confident it really is HCJB. Can`t find any plain old program schedule at  

No sign of ELWA Liberia which should be on 6050 after 0530 now in English, but I would never hear it in HCJB`s absence, anyway (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9524.942, March 3 at 1534, carrier here must be VOI, along with a JBA one closer to 9525.00 (CRI English via Kashgar), but nothing toward 9526. 

As recently as Feb 21, VOI was on the other(?) transmitter close to 1 kHz higher: ``Good signal of Voice of Indonesia on Feb 21:
1300-1400 on  9525.9 JAK 250 kW / 010 deg to EaAs English
(Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)``

Atsunori Ishida, shows it went back to ``9525`` on March 1 (Glenn Hauser, OK,  DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MALI. 5995.000, March 3 at 0615, carrier from R. Mali is spot-on, not 9 Hz high like the unID I had almost 4 hours earlier; and only one carrier now, so that remains a mystery (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SAIPAN. 9790.031, March 3 at 1540, YL in Chinese, piano music bit, S9, significantly off frequency. Yes, it`s IBB, Agignan Point, Saipan, again, RFA scheduled this hour only; but no jammer audible closer to 9790.0 or anywhere around.

Note my previous log of Saipan 38 Hz high: ``11850.038, Feb 24 at 1426-1430+, bandscanning in 1 kHz steps with BFO, anything a bit off-frequency raises a red flag`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. With 6855 WRMI absent early UT March 3, I asked Jeff White:

``Jeff, 6855 is off this evening, so I wonder if there is a problem with that transmitter and whether it will be on tomorrow night for the SWL Fest special? Do you have a backup alternate frequency for that? 

I`m also wondering whether the Fri 2230 WOR on 11580 & 5950 will still be on 6855 as well, since programming content seems to be changing there and not fully published. While I`m at it, I`ll ask what`s the story on TruNews departing? 73, Glenn``

``Glenn: We've been doing maintenance and some upgrades to 6855, but it will be on for the SWL Fest broadcast tonight. We are also probably going to simulcast it on 9395 kHz. TruNews decided to leave shortwave at the end of February (going all Internet it seems), so 9395 is available for the SWL Fest broadcast. By the way, I think the former 2200-0100 UT programming on 6855 will return in a couple of weeks or so. We have had some special programs and have changed things temporarily. Jeff`` (Glenn Hauser, March 3, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 9810.056, March 3 at 1543, JBA carrier off-frequency. And another even weaker one close to 9810.00. Aoki shows at 1520-1620, VIRI Sirjan eastward in Urdu; and also at 1500-1600, BBC Oman northeastward in Pashto. Iran should be the one that`s off; but HFCC shows since Feb 12, BBC has switched to the UAE site, which is also capable of such skewage, fond of lax accuracy (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

This report dispatched at 1736 UT March 3