martedì 28 marzo 2017

First Dutch low-power 891 kHz licences awarded

The first low-power AM licences have been allocated for 891 kHz in the Netherlands by the Dutch Radiocommunications Agency.
This was the frequency previously used by Radio 538 until November last year.

In Arnhem (Gelderland, eastern Netherlands) the licence is for Rijnstad Radio who hope to be on air by May 1.
The station is on Facebook as "Rijnstadradio", also with website

Full report (in Dutch) at:

(The other 100w licence allocated for 891 (in Waalwijk) is name as 'Bronkhurst' in the list of low-power stations at )

(daytime reception possible on east coast of UK? After dark, Algeria now strong on 891 kHz of course)

(Alan Pennington via BDXC-UK yg)