mercoledì 14 dicembre 2016

New Aussie imminent on 2368.5

NEW STATION ON SHORTWAVE: 2368.5 kHz, Station X on the Gold Coast plans to shortly operate ex-1692 kHz. Peter Tate our member. He can be contacted through his website. 100 watts! Peter has a few issues he tells me with the ATU and the antennae itself, still he is having a go, we hope to hear you soon Peter.

Our member Peter Tate switching to 2368.5, needs reports in a week time. 100 watts now that's a DX Station! Reports by email, link from website
(Johno Wright, Dec-Jan Australian DX News via DXLD)

Nothing as of 11 Dec, from Central NSW (Craig Seager, ibid.)

From the ACMA licence Database: 1000 watts, 6 kHz bandwidth
(Dec-Jan Australian DX News via DXLD)