martedì 6 dicembre 2016

Hamburg 972 kHz antenna demolished

Medium Wave Info
3 December 2016

Hamburg 972 kHz antenna demolished today 
moorfleet124.html [a look worth/ed] 

184 metres tall radiator and 77 metres tall screening mast, as required by GE75 for running full 300 kW. 
The MW back-up antenna, a 120 metres mast moved in from the Osterloog site after it was closed in 1962, had been blown up already in 2011. The whole arrangement as it was until then: 

Here's still the news release about the delivery of a new solid-state transmitter, put in service in early 2010. Money from the licence fee payers, wasted in the same way than at numerous other AM facilities in Germany. 

Kai Ludwig, mwmasts yg (2/12-2016)