martedì 8 novembre 2016

TWR to cease AM broadcasts from Albania

As of January 2017 Trans World Radio will stop its broadcasts on the mediumwave frequency 1395 kHz from Albania. The discontinuation of broadcasts from Albania could mean good news for the low power AM transmitters in the Netherlands that broadcast on 1395 kHz.

Trans World Radio will use other mediumwave stations in Europe to achieve its targets. For example, the radio programme is broadcast on a mediumwave transmitter of Radio Monte Carlo(1467 kHz) and a mediumwave frequency from Georgia (1548 kHz).The transmitter in Albania is in a poor condition and there is no money to renovate it. Trans World Radio was the only radio channel still using the transmitter near Tirana. The transmissions, which take place in the evening hours, use high power and can also be received in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is also currently using 1395 kHz for low-power transmissions up to 100 watts. Under the the current broadcasting licences, the Dutch stations are not allowed to broadcast between sunset and sunrise on this frequency.

With the disappearance of broadcasts from Albania it should be possible for radio stations that broadcast on 1395 kHz in the Netherlands to broadcast 24 hours a day via this frequency. The Radiocommunications Agency will have to give formal consent, however.

Current broadcasters omn 1395 kHz include Seabreeze Radio AM (Friesland) and Q-AM (Gelderland) via this frequency. In addition, there are various authorizations issued by the Radiocommunications Agency for stations that have not yet started broadcasting.