domenica 20 novembre 2016

NDR 24 Dec transmission

The Christmas Eve seafarer transmission of Norddeutscher Rundfunk will this year involve a sixth transmitter at a new site, Gavar (Armenia). It will beam back to Europe itself, to replace the closed mediumwave transmitters.

Actually this is a year late, since NDR had closed down mediumwave already on 13 Jan 2015. But the start of the whole thing in 2012 was already a year late as well, with German-language radio from Deutsche Welle gone since 30 Oct 2011.

Details for this year are as follows. Transmission will run from 1900 to 2300, where two frequencies are given they are for 1900-2100 and 2100-2300, respectively.

6125 / 5930, 125 kW, 250°; to western Europe, northern Atlantic and Carribean
9740 / 9765, 125 kW, 130°; to Indian Ocean

9790 / 9650, 100 kW, 115°; to southern/southeastern Asia and Australia

9800 / 9590, 250 kW, 156°; to eastern/southern Africa and Indian Ocean
11650 / 9830, 250 kW, 195°; to western Africa, southern Atlantic and South America

6145, 100 kW, 305°; to the whole of Europe

All transmissions through dipole walls, all powers above 100 kW are dictated by the equipment (500 kW transmitters at Nauen and Issoudun, of which the Telefunken ones at Nauen can be run at 25 percent but the Thomson-CSF ones at Issoudun not lower than at half power).

Network source should be NDR Info Spezial, if you want to refer to

Perhaps I now shatter a romantic illusion, but this is not live, with the exception of news at 1900 and 2100 and, maybe, the also included church service. The greetings will be recorded in the presence of an audience in two sessions on Dec 4 and 11, respectively.

By the way, anyone knowing a programme that until 1990 had been broadcast, it seems, once a month? "Seeleute-Gruß- und Wunschsendung", that was the title at least on paper. It run in the local wee hours of Monday (local time), 2305-0100 UT (during DST one UT hour earlier) on 177 and 6115 kHz, originating from Rostock and indeed done live there. I don't know if anyone abroad, even overseas, knew about these broadcasts and wrote to Rostock, which very likely would have yielded a QSL.

(Kai Ludwig via dxld yg)