venerdì 4 novembre 2016

The K7RA Solar Update

At 2347 UTC on November 3, Australia’s Space Weather Services issued a geomagnetic disturbance warning: “Expect Unsettled to Active conditions with periods of Minor Storm levels in the Australian region for the next UT day, 4 November, if a small coronal hole in the Southern hemisphere becomes geoeffective.”
But as of November 3, the prediction from NOAA/USAF for planetary A index for November 4 and 5 is only 10 and 8.
Over the past reporting week (October 27 through November 2) we saw two days with no sunspots, October 28 and November 2. Prior to the past week, in recent memory only October 1 had no sunspots either. Average daily sunspot number for the week was 9.1, down from 18.7 over the previous seven days.