martedì 4 ottobre 2016

KBS World Radio tests

** KOREA SOUTH. KBS World Radio English Service will carry out test transmission from October 3 to 8 ahead of the B16 shortwave frequency adjustment. Please tune into the following frequencies and send us your reception reports []. Your feedback will help us greatly in choosing the best frequency option for the new season. Thank you!

Date    Time          kHz  Target Area
Oct. 3  14:00-15:00  9595  India
Oct. 4               9665
Oct. 5               7215
Oct. 6  23:00-24:00  9570  Africa
Oct. 7               9710
Oct. 8              11615
(via Nick Sharpe, UK, Oct 2, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

OK, but, but the QRM conditions may be entirely different by then. Must we assume all these are direct, no relays? 2300 is also a new time for any English broadcast, rather late for Africa; 1400 had been only on 9640 for SE Asia in A-16. Times are not explicitly labeled UT, but probably. Are they also carrying out such tests in other languages? (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)