sabato 24 settembre 2016

Voa additional to Ethiopia

ETHIOPIA   [Target]  {additional frequencies,
due of recent White Noise JAMMING by Ethiopia's NISS security sce}

VoA A-16 recent schedule changes

Amharic to East Africa
1600-1630  1431DJI

1630-1700  6040SAO   15580BOT

1800-1900 12080WOF   12140UDO  13860WOF  15630WOF
          additional 15700LAM
1800-1812 12040LAM   12110KWT
1813-1900 12040KWT   12110LAM

Oromo to East Africa
1730-1748 12040SAO   12080SAO  12110LAM  12140MEY  13860UDO  15630WOF
1749-1800 12040SAO   12080SAO  12110LAM  12140UDO  13860UDO  15630WOF
1730-1800 additional 15700LAM

Tigrinya to East Africa
1900-1913 12040LAM   12080DHA  12110BOT  13860DHA  15630WOF  15700LAM
1914-1930 12080DHA   12110LAM  12140BOT  13860DHA  15630WOF  15700LAM
          additional 12040SAO

I guess, all transmissions are daily now, partly previously Mon-Fri.
(Wolfgang Bueschel via dxld yg)