sabato 2 luglio 2016

RADIO MI AMIGO NEWSLETTER Special summer news update, 1 July 2016

- New International Saturday line-up
- The Return of Peter van Dam!
- New and improved web stream
- Free Radio with ‘Todays Technology’

This summer we are taking some major steps forward to live up to our reputation as 'Europe's fastest growing AM Radio station’, bringing back that great feeling of listening to Free Radio. Starting on Saturday, July 2nd, we present a brand new International line-up of spectacular Saturday shows for our international listeners.

Most of the Saturday will now be presented in English, while starting the day off in German and Dutch.
The new Saturday schedule:

6005 kHz 49m band and 9560 kHz 31m band:

8:00 - Good morning show - Cpt. Kord (German/English)
9:00 - Manneke pop - Peter van Dam (Dutch/English)
10:00 - Rockin' Ron's Time Machine - Ron O'Quinn (English)
11:00 - Soundtrack of the 60's - Paul Graham (English)
12:00 - Johnny's Offshore Radio Diary - Johnny Lewis (English)
13:00 - All Time Soul Top 500 - Bruno Hantson (English)
All times: Central European Time (CET).

Sunday’s schedule remains unchanged:
6005 kHz 49m band, 7310 kHz 41 m band and 9560 kHz 31m band:

8:00 and 12:00 - Bruno’s Soul Box - Bruno Hantson (English)
9:00 and 13:00 - Hello To The World - Lion Keezer (Dutch)
10:00 and 14:00 - Paul Newman’s Radio Shack (English)
11:00 and 15:00 - Lost and found - Jeffrey Willems (Dutch)

Radio Mi Amigo International News 


Radio Mi Amigo International is brought to you by a dedicated group of seasoned, professional international DJ's, many of whom learned their trade on great offshore station such as 'Radio Caroline' and 'Mi Amigo', ‘the Voice of Peace' and 'Swinging Radio England'.

Today's Radio Mi Amigo is not just your average 'Oldies station’. It is above all true 'Free Radio'. Our play lists are not computer generated, we never ‘voice-track’ and we don't just look at old charts and play their top-10 hits.

Our DJ's personally try and find those special songs that somehow bring back a memory or put a smile upon your -and our- face. Great offshore hits; sometimes one day wonders, B-sides, forgotten hits or great album tracks... and we even throw in some new songs if we feel like it. All tracks and shows have one thing in common: they all sound great on AM but also on FM or online - guaranteed to take you back to 'the Golden Era of Offshore AM Radio!

And so true Free Radio lives on, using today's technology such as modern studios, a more contemporary presentation style and great sounding internet web streams. But... still with that original Free Radio spirit and completely free of the harsh formats and rules that often makes today's radio sound boring and impersonal.

Radio Mi Amigo can be heard daily on Shortwave and on our new web stream online:


DAILY 6005 and 3985 kHz 14:00 and 19:00 hrs [cet]

MONDAYS: Bruno’s Soul Box a fine selection of known and rare tracks from the great days of Northern Soul, Motown and Stax.

TUESDAYS: Former Radio Caroline and Laser 558 jock Johnny Lewis aka Stephen Bishop takes a closer look at some offshore radio hit charts.

WEDNESDAYS: Captain Kord revisits the great Offshore radio stations of the past, playing their hits, jingles + original air checks.

THURSDAYS: Lion Keezer presents the only Dutch edition of ‘Hello Europe’ but with the great international hits of the Radio Caroline All Time top-500.

FRIDAYS: ‘The Weekend Starts Here’ - Paul Graham (like Lion ex- Radio Caroline) with some ‘tasteful chatter’ and an even greater taste in music.

Many of our listeners are Radio enthusiasts who are into DX-ing, enjoying that warm familiar AM sound from the 'Golden Era of Offshore AM Radio'.
But as all of our programs are presented in the spirit of true Free Radio, with a unique selection of hand picked music you hear nowhere else, others prefer to listen to our shows and the music in hifi stereo via the internet.
As we cover large parts of Greater Europe and places where offshore radio was never heard, we decided to upgrade our live web stream with better audio (192 kbps) and better non-stop programming for those hours when we are not broadcasting on Europe's airwaves.
The new improved 192 kbps web stream will be on-line 24/7 as of Friday July 1st, relaying all our presented live Shortwave-, AM- and FM shows as they are broadcast.
And with a great selection of non-stop music, jingles and promo's during off-air hours.
Just click on 'listen' from any page of our website.
Since 2 months all our AM programmes are also broadcast on Radio Mi Amigo FM Stereo in Spain, Costa Blanca on 92.3 and 106 FM, so feel free to tune in if you're spending this year's holiday at the Costa Blanca!
If you're in the Baltic States, Stockholm or southern Scandinavia, our broadcasts can be heard on Medium Wave: AM 1485, on Saturday- and Sunday nights. See our website for schedules and all Shortwave, AM and FM frequencies."