sabato 11 giugno 2016

Radio Mi Amigo RSL shortwave relays

Radio Mi Amigo, a UK station that operates short term restricted service licence broadcasts from the Light Vessel 18 in Harwich using many former offshore radio presenters on Facebook June 6:

Exciting news!! Our summer broadcast will be heard locally on FM (the frequency is yet to be approved by OFCOM) and around Europe on shortwave. Each day, an hour of our broadcast will be relayed from a powerful transmitter near Munich to listeners across the entire Continent.

All transmissions will be on 6,070kHz and times and dates are as follows. All times here are given in British Summer Time (local UK time).

Saturday 30th July: 6 - 7 am (Our first broadcast of the 9-day season): Tony Currie Show
Sunday 31st July: 5 - 6pm: John Ross-Barnard
Monday 1st August: 11pm - Midnight: Dave Kent
Tuesday 2nd August: 9 - 10pm: John Cavanagh
Wednesday 3rd August: 7 - 8pm: Garry Lee
Thursday 4th August: 8 - 9am: Enda Caldwell
Friday 5th August: 2 - 3pm: Alan Turner
Saturday 6th August: 1 - 2pm: Roger Day
Sunday 7th August: 12 noon - 1pm: Dave Rogers
Sunday 7th August: 11pm - midnight: Farewell Show with all our DJs.

We'll also be streaming on the internet 24 hours a day.

Soon we'll be publishing the programme schedule although, of course, all this information is liable to last-minute changes.