venerdì 26 febbraio 2016

Radio Caroline North via Manx Radio

Radio Caroline North returns on 27th & 28th February, continuing to trace the Caroline story in the mid-seventies.
In May 1976 after an absence of 3 years a daytime English service returned to the air. Caroline broadcasts were on 192m by day and 259m at night, later moving to 319m 24/7.
We'll hear from some of those onboard at the time: Mark Lawrence, James Ross, Stevie Gordon and Stuart Russell, along with station manager Rob Eden. It was a good time for the station, lasting through most of 1977. So musically we extend our remit this time until the end of that year.
We'll be broadcasting live from the radio-ship Ross Revenge again, available here online this time from 6am Saturday until 9pm Sunday, and also on Manx Radio 1368 AM.
Please send suitable music choices and memories to