martedì 27 maggio 2014

Videos from May 25/26

May 25
Elliniki Radiophonia Tileorasi in Greek to WeEu 2229 on 7450, 9420 Avlis, co ch VIRI IRIB

Radio Cairo in English to WeEu 2212 on 9895 Abis, distortion modulation, unmodulated audio

Radio Exterior de Espana via Noblejas at 2300 UT, see below

Radio Mali in French to Af, low modulation at 2235 on 5995 Bamako

Radio Nigeria Kaduna in Hausa 2205 on 6089,8 Kaduna

Time signal stations ItalCable in Italian and Observatorio Nacional Brasil in Portuguese

WHRI Angel 2 in English to WeEu at 2156 on 15530, at 2200 on 11775 Cypress Creek

WTWW 3 in Arabic to NoAm at new time 2239 on 12105 Lebanon, TN

WTWW 3 in Yoruba to NoAm at new time 2305 on 12105 Lebanon, TN

May 26
North Korean Jamming from Kujang vs Voice of Freedom 1826 on 6135

Radio Belarus to WeEu in Belorussian at 1359 and in Russian at 1400 on 11730 Kalodzicy

Radio Belarus to WeEu in German 1822 on 7255, 11730 Kalodzicy

Radio Exterior de Espana in Sefardi to ME 1450 on 15385 Noblejas

Radio Exterior de Espana in Spanish to ME, WCAf 1058 on 21610, 21515 Noblejas

Radio Hargeysa in Somali to EaAf 1832 on 7120 Hargeysa

Radio Kuwait in Arabic to WeEu 1201 on 21540 Sulaibiyah

Radio Kuwait in Tagalog and Radio France Inter in French both on 21580 at 1159 UT

Radio Mali in French, low modulation 1652 on 9635 Bamako

Radio Rwanda in Kinyarwanda to Af 1702 on 6055 Kigali

Radio Sultanate of Oman in English to WeEu 1429 on 15140 Thumrait

Radio Taiwan International in English to WeEu 1800 on new 5985 Issoudun

Radio Thailand HSK9 in English to WeEu 1900 on 9390 Udorn Thani

Radio Thailand HSK9 in Thai to WeEu 1801 on 9390 Udorn Thani

Three Ethiopian stations 1828 on 5950, 6030, 6110 Addis Ababa, Gedja, see below

Vatican Radio in Italian to ME, CeAF 1215 on 17590, 21560 Santa Maria di Galeria

Voice of Peece and Democracy, Radio Ethiopia in Amharic 1806 on 7236,3 Addis Ababa, Gedja

Ivo Ivanov

QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria
Equipment: Sony ICF-2001D 30 m. long wire