domenica 30 marzo 2014

Log Arnaldo Slaen

15175 BBN Radio-Berekah Broadcasting Network, 1901-1920, March 29,via Issoudun, France with transmission. In amharic to Ethiopia, announcement, news by male, music at 1915, talk, 44444

15180 Radio Hilaac, via Issoudun, France, 1700-1715, March 29, transmission in somali to Somalia, s/onn, announcement and identification by male, music, news, talks by male and female, 3444

17500 Radio Ndeke Luka, via Issoudun, 1718-1729. March 29, transmission inm Songo language for Centro African Republic, many talks by males, announcement, s/off at 1729 UTC, 44444

Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina