domenica 12 gennaio 2014

Glenn Hauser logs January 10-11, 2014

** CUBA. 15230 & 15370, Jan 10 at 2354, RHC in Portuguese on both but not //. Apparently same program, but far from synchronized due to separate playouts; not taking my time to find how far apart, which will probably also vary from day to day.

6060, Jan 11 at 0626, RHC English modulation is suppressed and distorted; better on 6100 but still undermodulated; 6000 and 5040 OK; 6165 also full modulation but with lite squeal.

13780, Jan 11 at 1437, RHC is missing, but back here at 1517 check. New 12010 is again on today (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA [non]. 7210-LSB, Jan 11 at 1410-1420, the unmistakable N1NR, Nelson Roig in Pennsylvania in contact with a cohort in Miami, pseudo-broadcast denouncing communist Cuba, about poverty, corruption, people getting apartments at a specific address in Habana, hunger, etc. As usual zero-beat with a weak broadcast carrier; and also some occasional jamming from a strong offset AM carrier, another ham, dentro-Cuban? The 7210 carrier would be either CRI Japanese from Xian, or the ChiComs QRMing themselves with PBS Yunnan also scheduled during this hour per Aoki (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBERIA. 4760, Jan 10 at 2356, JBA carrier from presumed ELWA in the noise level; kept with it to catch a turnoff expected circa 2400, but still there past 0010 Jan 11. Do they ever run over? Could also have been a DX-398-produced overload image from something higher (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 870, Jan 11 at 1335 UT, XETAR, YL in Spanish again enumerating all the rules about what kind of PSAs will be aired and what not; 1336 switch to Tarahumara language for OM talking about Universidad de Chipango(?) with web address; 1337 back to YL in Spanish with slow 6:34 TC, `El Mensajero de la Sierra` segment. Still in at 1350 recheck, mentioning events in Guachochi, bits of rustic music. I notice there is some hum only when her mic is open (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH CAROLINA [and non]. 7570, Jan 10 at 2348, BS on WRMI, with a national anthem audible underneath --- of course, it`s the DPRK`s, VOK signing off, as already scheduled here, per Aoki overlapping at 2200-2350. Take your pick of cults. (Plus: VOA Tibetan via Kuwait on 7570, and consequently jammed, Tue & Thu only at 00-01).

7490, Jan 11 at 0624, BS on WBCQ is saying he *will* be on three WRMI transmitters starting Dec 31; old tape. I.e. averaging three at a time to add up to 72 transmitter-hours per day instead of only 48 in Dec.

9690, Jan 11 at 1425, I am forced to stop and keep listening to 80-year-old Brother Scare via WRMI, since  he is talking about his further expansion plans. Says the bill just arrived from his new station #8, three months to be paid in advance = $253,344. Implies the deal is not final quite yet?

1428 interrupts himself as of Friday night Jan 10. Going from 25 SW transmitters/frequencies worldwide to 31 with the six more on World Harvest Radio. Will add up to over 200 hours per day for the next 3 months, until Passover in April. Now again says to start today Sat Jan 11 on WHR.

Meanwhile at 1437-1442 I do a complete bandscan from 49m thru 13m and find zero WHR signals, let alone WHR with BS. Finally at 1519 I find one WHRI, on 21630 as usual on Saturdays, with some other huxter. Could be on T8WH 9930 hiding under WTWW! I haven`t heard him mention Palau as two or three of the six WHR transmitters; is he aware of that?

BS is making a big deal of Ariel Sharon dying today, since he was an Israeli, somehow connecting this with the End Times. Numerology is also a big deal with this wacko.

BS goes on to a further plan: some friendly US SW broadcaster (where he is apparently not on yet), has offered to acquire, install and operate another transmitter to be dedicated to TOM only, and let it be owned by TOM (unlike all the others so far, apparently). This would cost from $50K to $100K and would become the ``Seventh Angel``. Would take a few months to set up; more about this in a few days. He also says some seven more SW transmitters are available abroad, and their rates are coming down.

The LDPOG apparently has no concept that buying up time on more and more US SW stations is only duplicating coverage over and over. Just one or two of them at most, running 24 hours on at least one day and one night frequency would give him total coverage of the continent. But none of the stations are going to explain this to their cash-cow. Perhaps his goal is to be on every band at every hour, so random tuners cannot avoid running into him, even 4 or 5 frequencies on a band, like 31m already infested.

At 1435 I notice that BS on WRMI 11825 is dead air, and by 1443, so is 9690, while meantime I have switched to 9930 for a better, and modulated signal via WTWW. Both 9690 and 11825 resume modulating by 1459 for the live Sabbath service.

Now Jan 11 searching on Overcomer at the WHR program schedule, it`s all shown, unlike yesterday:

A1 Mon-Fri 1800-2030 17610
A2 Daily   0700-0800 11565
   Daily   1600-1800  9840
   Mon-Fri 2000-2100  9840
   Sun-Fri 2200-2300  9840
A3 Daily   0700-0800  9930
   Daily   1500-1800  9930
A4 Mon-Sat 0100-0300 15680 [meaning UT Tue-Sun?]
   Daily   1600-1900  9955 [same as WRMI! Listen for echoes, CCI]
A5 Daily   0700-1100  9955 [same as WRMI! Listen for echoes, CCI]
A6 Daily   1600-1900 17705
Note that from scheduling, Angel 3, 4 and 5 must all be T8WH.
17705 is indeed on at 1650 check Jan 11, but not audible on 9840.

I total those hours up to 154.5 per week, which averages 22.07 per day, close, but not quite 24 hpd.

Ivo Ivanov has come up with a different schedule contradicting WHR`s website, including some more BS on A1, 5920 and 9495; A2 on 7305, 9505 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9955, Fri Jan 10 at 1359, checking WRMI behaviour again: `Scoreboard` now starts later than before at 1359:10, ID again skipped this hourtop, 1400+ right into preacher. This gives a little more time for the 1330 program to finish, but being `Wavescan` today, there was plenty of fill music at the end.

Remember to check whether last week`s extra airings of WOR recur on WRMI: Sat 2130 on 7730 to Europe, UT Sun 0030 on 9495 to S America (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also SOUTH CAROLINA [and non]

** U S A. 12105, Jan 11 at 1437, WTWW-3 is off again (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 750, Jan 11 at 1344 UT a slow mariachi, then show name `Sábados Rancheros`, restaurant ad in 773 area code, La Condesa. Unseems N/S from KMMJ NE, which would minimize heavy talk-splash from 740 KRMG Tulsa, on 50 kW day pattern already from 1330. 773 gives it away as Chicago, i.e. the multi-lingual WNDZ Portage IN which I have also heard in Ukrainian, and which per NRC AM Log is ETH/brokered 15 kW daytimer with AM stereo (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1290, Jan 11 at 1404 UT ``Saturday Morning Mission Gospel Train`` is starting, whence? Mentions Wichita Falls and taking requests to 940-763-1290, so obviously KWFS, which I thought was news-talk. First guess at a website leads to ``The domain name KWFS.COM is for sale - Price US$9700`` No, thanks. I can see why they went with which sort of implies the format is News/talk.

Their so-called schedule for Saturday skips this part, nothing displayed between C2CAM at midnight, and American-Liberty at 11 am [17 UT]. Admitting they broadcast gospel music would tarnish their image of far-right talk shows --- Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin and Cain! and thus their ``news`` is also unavoidably tainted (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 1090, Jan 11 at 1356 UT, only weak signals, but one of them has a tone turning on and off every 20 to 25 seconds until 1400 when it`s fading or stops doing so. Maybe a Mexican or American daytimer`s prélude to the west of here? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This report dispatched at 1726 UT January 11