lunedì 9 settembre 2013


Hallo Tudo ben tudo bom,
Saturday morning the EDXC meeting started with Secretary Kari Kivekas at 1000 hours. he give us informations about EDXC actvities and future EDXC meetings, we got two proposals to do it in France (Nice) or in Russia (St Petersburg). But that will be decide by future votations of EDXC members's club. After Risto Vähäkainu presented a reasearche about the future of our hobby according the problems with less stations activities and more electronic possiblities to get informations from the Web.  We have a lot of sugessions to utilize the UNESCO's World Radio day, next year, to do a cooperation and produce a programme giving informations about our hobby to the world. After lunch time,in the Sweet Restaurant outdoor with grilled food, but me & Christian, we prefer a good plate of Spaghetti alla Carbonara in the same place of course. At 14 o'clock abus started to drive us to the Salt Museum of Figueira d Foz. But Dario pprefered to stay in the bus to do an FM band scan, giving more than 160 FM transmitters, from Lisbon till Porto. More signals coming from central parts of Portugal. After with the same bus we came backt to the city to visit a local station, FM 99.1 MHz, called a Foz de Mondego Mondego is the city river). So we meet the manager of the station, the visit was quite short because the station is very little, but quite well equipped, and the station is automatic working machine on Saturdays. Around 05 hours, we came back to the hotel,and at 10 hours was a long presentation with slides by Mika Palo talking about radio brodacastings in all views, from national radio, networks and locals stations. the work was prepared by portughese DXer Lusi Carvalho, not able to participate the meeting, after Dario presented with slides photos his visit to Peru in 2011. At 2030 hours we had another cocktail before EDXC official banquet, very well organised. With big plate of Baccalau Fish and after a Dancers Folk group make all the particpants happy, but Dario was also happy to drink one liter bottle of White Porto Wine.
More news will follows,
Greetings from Dario & Christian.