lunedì 9 settembre 2013

LZ2GPB's broadcast logs for 08/09.09.2013

2245: Two CNR-1 transmitters are on the air to block Sound of Hope, the weaker one with a few seconds delay. SINPO: 54544
2255: Galei Zahal IDF Radio. Overnight programming with music. SINPO: 45444
2300: Voice of Russia World Service in English on 9465kHz with excellent signal. Long music segment into time pips and ID, followed by news bulletin. Items about the local elections in Russia and the Syrian conflict. SINPO: 55555
2304: Radio Farda with a program of Persian rap music. Excellent signal on both 5860 and 7585. Various frequency lists show both are from Iranawilla at that time. SINPO: 55555
2310: Excellent signal on 7350 kHz with news and reports from CRI. Item about large scale protests against the US intervention against Syria. It's good to hear US citizens are waking up and standing against their government.
2321: Massive signal from a STANAG-4285 transmission on 7490 kHz while 7407 and 7555 kHz are of the air. This reminds me that this is a good possibility to try KJES Vado on 7555 kHz in the next few days on my DX Camp, if the frequency is still clear.
2326: RF9C calling "CQ Contest" in the 40 meters ham band. Fair signal with some QSB.
2332: Empty carrier with strong buzz on 5000kHz. I suspected it to be IBF Torino, but there wasn't any CW ID on the top of the minute, nor any announcements. This one needs further checks.
2337: Shannon Volmet on 5505 kHz with meteorological bulletin in USB. Suffering from interference from a very strong Link-11 digital transmission a few kHz up. The propagation on the lower bands last night was awesome with loads of utility stations, including SSB, CW, RTTY and plenty of digital modes (SITOR, STANAG 4285, Link-11, CODAR).
2341: Good signal from WTWW on 9479 kHz with very strong heterodyne from China National Radio 11 on 9480 kHz.

CNR-1 signals on 31 meters band at that time:
  • 9455 kHz. SINPO: 55555, from Lingshi transmitter site.
  • 9805 kHz. SINPO: 54554, from Nanning transmitter site.
  • 9815 kHz: SINPO: 53544, probably against Radio Free Asia in Tibetan which lasts only until 2315. The Chinese nation is a rich one and one more transmitter on the air is not a problem.
  • 9875 kHz: SINPO: 54554, against Radio Free Asia in Tibetan from a 250kW unit in Dushanbe-Orzu.
2352: Occassional over-the-horizont radar pulses occupying the 9.9-10MHz. Are these allowed to transmit here?
2354: A lot of Russian amateur stations, mostly from European Russia, in the lower part of the 40 meters ham band, greeting each other with good morning and exchanging signal reports. Most of them are 59s. 2354 UTC means 0354 local time in Moscow. It seems that most Russians are early risers, despite most of them have probably drank a bottle of vodka before going to bed.
0000: WHRI suffering from a strong interference from a utility station in RTTY. Does anyone care what QRM are such in-band transmissions causing? I suppose no.
Other US stations audible are 4840, 5085, 5920, 5935, 6875, 11520, 12105. No signal on 9930 until 0000 or it had been under the OTHR that was occupying that part of the band.

More logs to follow later. The equipment used was Sony ICF-7600D portable with 20 meters wire antenna.

QTH locator: KN22IV
144MHz: 7-element yagi, 2-element HB9CV, Yeasu-VX150 5W portable
LW, MW, SW DX: multiple beverages and Inverted-V antennas
Satellite: Paraclipse Hydro 228cm, Invacom SNF-031, Invacom-ADF-120+DM500s
Georgi Bancov