lunedì 22 luglio 2013

Interesting Logs Arnaldo Slaen

12035 RTR Radio Europa via Kostinbrod, Bulgaria, 1120-1150 UTC, German and shorts announcements and identifications in english.
Pops and romantic songs with announcements and identifications by male,
Fair signal, SINPO 14321
Chekeed with SDR receiver in University of Twentee.

6090 Radio Amhara, Gedja, 0407+, July 21, Oromo,
news by male, announcement and talk by same speaker at 0411 UTC, 24432

6015 Voice of Tanzania, Dole, Zanzibar, 0350+, July 21, Transmission in Swahilli.
Reports and news programme. Interview. Announcmeent and identification, 34433

Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina