domenica 29 luglio 2012

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

BRAZIL Radio Nacional DA Amazonia 2333 GMT Portuguse 433 July 27 Music then two OMs with comments. YL singing 2338 GMT.

CHILE CVC La Voz 11665 2342 GMT Spanish 333 July 27 YL and OM with comments. Then some vocal choir music.

CUBA Radio Havana Cuba RHC 15230 2310 GMT Spanish 433 July 27 YL singing with Bongo music. OM with RHC ID often.

JAPAN Radio Japan NHK 13650 2315 GMT Thai 333 July 27 YL with comments and some music in the background.

JAPAN Radio Japan NHK 13640 2318 GMT Japanese 333 July 27 YL and OM with comments.

SPAIN REE 11680 2336 GMT Spanish 444 July 27 Music and OM with comments plus more music.

UNITED STATES, Florida Family Radio 11530 2345 GMT Spanish 433 July 27 OM with comments.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"