mercoledì 11 luglio 2012

Glenn Hauser logs July 8-10, 2012

** CHINA. Firedrake July 10: higher bands again almost dead, none heard 11-18 MHz except:
14980, very poor at 1233 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COLOMBIA. 14950+, July 10 at 0155 check, Salem Stereo has almost good signal during music. Once again inaudible after 1200 with higher bands almost dead. The site has quite a detailed database, e.g. knows where Rioblanco is, 4303 km, or 2674 miles SE of Enid (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 7405, July 9 at 0525, this DentroCuban jammer against non-R. Martí is accompanied by a noise field wider than usual, worst peaks around 7395 and 7415, but gradually declining, extending out to approx. 7290-7480. Woe betide innocent bystander stations trying to use any of these frequencies, suffering collateral damage, from the Cubans who don`t give a damn about anyone else, bad neighbors.

And this is UT Monday, when R. Martí attempts a 6-hour truce which is now routinely ignored. Similar situation 24 hours later at 0525 July 10, besides the wall of noise on 7405, worst jambuzz parasitic peaks circa 7385, 7425.

Ho hum, more messups from RHC: 11760, July 10 at 0504, RHC English is still on here late, until cut off at 0506*. Then I check which 49m frequency is missing: 6010. Pops on there at *0506:25 with English in progress, but keeps cutting off and on and off and on, finally stays off at 0508, and back at *0513:48 evidently to stay.

9550 is missing July 10 at 1206 and later, while 9540 and 9850 are on, as all three are supposed to be running between 11 and 13, plus weakest 9540 for another bihour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR [non]. 11920, July 9 at 2300, HCJB opening Portuguese now giving site as ``Santiago de Chile``, where it was originally until last week`s tests via Wertachtal, Germany, instead of originally erroneously announced Guiana French. On July 8 they were still claiming to be on via Germany, one day longer than publicized. Not much difference in reception here, still poor.

BTW, the real site is Calera de Tango, CHILE, which is 92 km NNW of Santiago, as per this handy website to find distances between cities by name without messing with exact coordinates:
which also displays miles, and path between them on a Google map. See also COLOMBIA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA. 7245, July 9 at 0524, IGIM is on and chanting, S9+20 but undermodulated. Don`t often hear it this early (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Much more sporadic E analog TV DX. Believe it or not, I`m not logging everything I see or hear, as I can`t pay undivided attention to the TV for hours on end; just the highlights, picking up where last report left off UT July 8:

1516 on 2, net-5 promo fades up, antenna SSW, its default for México

1520 on 4, some video with ad

1552 on 2, Spongebob, so net-5, CCI

1601 on 4, exercise show, heavy 10 kHz CCI

1604 on 5, video only in and out with ads

1700 on 2, still heavy CCI

1712 on 3, telltale almost zero-beat CCI and, rotating, find it is indeed coming from WSW to W, i.e. the two BCN stations which should never have been permitted so close as Tijuana and Mexicali on the same offset, no less. Stronger one has Televisa logo bug in UR, with the word TELEVISA below it, and in much smaller type another word I can`t read, but I`m sure it must be MEXICALI as usual and later glimpsed. The stronger one as usual is XHBC Mexicali.

1719 on 4, net-7 bug UR, not from the SSW but further west. Two possibilities per XHCAN Cananea, Sonora, but it`s zero-offset and this one has fine beat bars indicating it is offset plus or minus. That leaves XHNCI, 20 kW in Manzanillo, Colima, which is plus

1723 on 6, some video showing

1724 on 5, studio show, bug in UR I can`t make out but bet it is XHAQ Mexicali along with powerful signal on 3 from XHBC

1725 on 3, music from studio, and guy speaking with high squeaky voice, still Televisa Mexicali(?) bug in UR

1728 on 5, now I can make out an Azteca-13 bug in UR = XHAQ

1729 on 3, make out MEXICALI tiny letters on Televisa bug from XHBC; studio music, heavy zero-CCI at times from XHTJB, net-11 in Tijuana

1732 on 4, VG video now with net-13 bug in UR, show is `El Sketch` comedy, plus or minus offset

1733 on 6, net-5 Spongebob, i.e. XETV Tijuana, also peaking west

1739 on 4, snow-free ads for Huggies, Halika motorcycles, Milky Way, Azteca-13 promos, fades. Two possibilities: XHIT Chihuahua2, or XHHSS Hermosillo, Sonora

1823 on 3, now something peaking SW rather than SSW or WSW

1836 on 3, promo for texting the androgynous horoscopist Walter

1900 on 3, European Grand Prix coverage, refers to ``Triple-A`, Televisa bug UR, seems still XHBC with the XHTJB zero-CCI

1910 on 2 and 3, some weaker CCI remains

1914 on 3, XHBC is marred by America-One audio CCI cutting on and off, as a local VHF 2-way mixes with a local FM, probably 91.1. Fortunately this does not happen much

2003 on 2, snow-free dubbed movie, with UR bug of the Grupo Pacífico oval around an italic 2, with stylized seagull around the LR rim of it, plus calls below it: XHI-TDT --- that means televisión digital terrestre (as opposed to satélite), a term I thought was typical of Spain rather than Mexico. Of course this signal is still analog, so slightly misleading but they also have UHF DTV channel

2011 on 2, IFE PSA, same station?

2039 on 2, 3 and 4, some weak signals still from SW, including lucha libre on 3. I was out from 2040 to 2246

2246 on 2, opening still going with some CCI

2358 on 2, drama, net-7 in UR

2358 on 4, drama from SW, not // 2

UT July 9::

0017 on 2, fade-in, musical variety show

0045 on 2, net-7 bug UR

0100 on 3, from west, Televisa Mexicali ID, zero CCI again from Tijuana

0100 on 2, net-7 bug UR, from west: this is something new, at least to me; what is listed? shows XHENT-TV, 50 kW in Ensenada BCN, nothing else on Azteca 7 anywhere near. Is this a new analog transmitter in the post-KNXT/KCBS channel 2 era?

0100 on 5, net-13 bug UR, from west, i.e., XHAQ

0100 on 6, net-5 bug UR, i.e. XETV Tijuana

0136 on 3, attempt to photo a slide ``Hola, Mexicali`` = XHBC

0157 on 2, fades in again with net-7 promos from west, = XHENT

0157 on 3, promos for Televisa Mexicali, and local Notivisa newscast; is that name used anywhere else?

0158 on 2, big V flashes on screen, with Veracruz, but doubt it`s from there now, nor Venevisión, Venezuela, whose logo it resembles

0202 on 2, program promo but no ID. This opening is finally over

1452, turn on TV next morning: channels 2-6 full of CCI

1517 on 4, brass band in a park. Bug in LR with 6-digits CDT clock only including seconds ticking by

1520 on 4, net-4 f bug in LR, discussing sports in `Matutino Express` as visible on backdrop

1521, start checking FM: 88.1 with IFE PSA overcomes weak OK stations, best with antenna at vertical position, gloating over how well the elexion was carried out

1522 on 6, hoy bug in LL, so net-2

1523 on 88.1, ``Comadre, Más Música`` slogan, so it`s XHRE, Celaya, Guanajuato again

1526 on 5, Banorte ad from west, snowfree, no doubt XHAQ Mexicali

1526 on 3, also snowfree, XHBC, but zero CCI from XHTJB

1526 on 4, net-5, poor; on the west coast the possibilities are XHMAF in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, 100 kW, or the more desirable XHLPB, La Paz, BCS, 51.84 kW, per

1527 on 88.1, Jesus Christ and KCFY promos, many IDs in passing heard for next 5 minutes. This is 3 kW, Yuma AZ, so FM opening from S and W simultaneously; 1530 on 88.1, KCFY ``Music made to share`` slogan

1530 on 88.3, Spanish overrides local Family Radio translator, ads with 602-phone numbers, i.e. Phoenix AZ area, contracted from what used to cover the entire state just a few years ago. Promo/ad for Mundo Fox, canal 6, y canal 40 en Phoenix; it`s a commercial adstring, including a body shop. These are fully-produced hard-sell commercials, not ``underwriting announcements`` by any stretch of the imagination! Must be KNAI in Phoenix, which final FM Atlas of 3+ years ago slogans as ``Radio Campesina``. How do they get away with operating a commercial station so blatantly on the non-commercial band? César Chávez should be ashamed; his foundation runs it

BTW, it`s almost a vanishing breed, apparently a share-timer with KPHF of Family Radio. shows them both licensed with exactly same 22.500 kW power, same latitude 33-35-47.00N, but different longitudes and antenna heights: 112-5-29.00W and 304m for KNAI; 112-5-31.00W and 297m for KPHF; so are they really not sharing the same transmitter and antenna? What a waste. Is there anything in the FCC licensing info about how the time is shared? Did not dig that far. BTW2, 88.3 is the only FM frequency where no (legal) stations anywhere in México are listed by Cantú

1536 on 88.7, Spanish music briefly atop KLVV in Ponca City OK

1536 on 90.3, CCI to OK station

1537 on 90.7, Spanish muscles aside the ACI on both sides, DJs talking, taking phone calls; more below

1539 on 5, Azteca Noticias; program seems HECHOS AM with a big `H` logo [``morning events``], still XHAQ Mexicali

1539 on 90.7, Spanish greetings to listeners in Nuevo Laredo --- there are no 90.7 stations in either Laredo, nor anywhere near in Mexico per Cantú; I`d have to locate all the obscure Texans on 90.7 to rule out a rimshot from that side, but unlikely. So is it a national-network show or acknowledging a DX report?! Then ad/live plug for a champú called Folicue (sp?)

1541 on 5, Azteca-13 promo as ``Canal Oficial de los Juegos Olímpicos``, so rules out all the Televisa channels. I previously saw Olympix promo on an Azteca-7 channel, so I expect they will both Olympize with all the simultaneous event overload; and if not, could always be  cross-promoting the opposite channel. XHAQ still

1544 on 90.7, same station as above continues, M&W DJs chattering, with rock & roll jokes, and one about a gato with 16 lives (?). 1545 says hoy`s temp will be 40 grados.

Since I am still getting strong BCN signals on TV, I conclude that this must be the 100 kW in Mexicali, XHMOE, Los Cuarenta Principales. Fade out at 1548. Then the western TV opening fades out too while southern continues, altho I had been concentrating on the former direxion

1600 on 3, tv3 bug in UR = XHP Puebla2

1619 on 88.1, Red mentioned, IFE PSA, mixing KMSI OK; no doubt XHRED, México DF

1624 on 88.1, ``Los 40 Principales, 88.1`` jingle, i.e. XHZN, Zamora, Michoacán; mixing with talk, ads from XHRED

1628 on 6, bug in LR says ``Venga Alegría``, show name with 11:28 clock = CDT; snow free, adult woman in bunny costume (ears but no corset, not Playboy voluptuous), for kids?

1628 on 6, CCI from chanting ceremony, Aguascalientes 6 bug recognized in UL

1637 on 6, weak with large net-2 star logo, contrasting shades left and right, but not as usually seen at an angle to make it appear 3-D; instead, head-on. At first I thought it might be the Multimedios star as in Oglethorpe, but doesn`t match its design, so not León or Tampico

1642 on 6, hoy bug LL, clock 11:42, so net-2

1642 on 5, hoy bug LL, clock 11:42, ``La Escuelita`` skit; means kindergarten? How did we wind up with this German word, anyway?

1700, opening is weakening, CCI on 2-4 only

1704 on 4, net-5 with animation, // 3 with CCI. (When these are dark, violent dramas, suppose I should not call them toons)

1709 on 4, ad offering concessions for taxis in Torreón, i.e. XELN

1736 on 4, net-13 novela, no audio at first, then MUF fades up

1742 on 4, sitcom, probably net-2 star in UR, but it`s usually partly off my overscanned screen

1751 on 4, Canal de las Estrellas promo = net-2; 1752 promo something about the Olympix here too, but maybe just trials

1819 on 2, heavy CCI but nothing on higher channels; Tuxpan and Tampico mentioned

1828 on 2, credit roll, title of show/movie is MORT UNBOUND. Googling immediately linx that to [evil] Penguins of Madagascar. Sorry, I haven`t kept up with this genre

1836 on 2, little CCI left

1850 on 4, some video appears briefly, still CCI on 2; then over for now

2106 on 2, weak video, Laura talkshow (at first I thought it was Cristina with similar look), net-2, peaks SW, not SSW

2108 on 2, ID of 3 lines flashes on and off at upper left but I can`t read it in the couple seconds it shows

2109 on 2, audio fades in, but have to close down for local storm

2315 on 2, video fades in from SW

2346 on 2, ``Pronóstico 5 Dias``, 5-day forecast, highs in the 30s; CCI; can`t pull a local reference

2352 on 2, net-2 big star bug head-on at right side of screen

UT July 10:

0016 on 3, finally a supered local ID I can read at upper-right in white, stays on long enough during upfade: XEZ-TV / C. Culiacan Gto, during net-2 novela. W9WI reconfirms the only XEZ on 3 is: 50 kW in Zamorano, Querétaro.

The C. stands for Cerro, or mountain peak. This transmitter I have seen for some 50 years; its location has been referred to as El Zamorano or Querétaro, but as in the ID, the axual site is atop that mountain, which Googling shows is WSW of Qro. city and closer to the SW of Celaya, Guanajuato. Elevation is 2820m.

Not, of course to be confused with the totally different Culiacán city = ciudad in Sinaloa which also has a channel 3, XHQ with local origination, and also frequently DXed. Photo matching what I saw:

No more TVDX tonight, nor the following morning, allowing me to catch up on these logs; there was Es however up to at least 16 MHz MUF, with WWCR inbooming on 15825 while F2 reception was near-nil on higher bands (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. 6040, July 10 at 1152, M&W talking with English intonation, very poor signal, but no QRM: SINPO 15431. Tnx to CRI for abandoning Sackville, which had been on 6040 at 10-12! Altho they have not bothered to remove all those transmissions from their own schedules. 1200 no timesignal, but change to another voice, presumably NBC News, and fading down from already very weak signal, half a sesquihour after sunrise here.

This was discovered yesterday by Ron Howard in California, much earlier in the night. 6040 happens to be a long-*inactive (never-active?) frequency as in WRTH 2012 for NBC Milne Bay, but I suspect it`s from Port Moresby, added for elexion coverage, and may well disappear when the dust settles. Many others have logged it in the meantime, some on remote receivers. They say it`s // some but not all of the NBC 90m frequencies, but not exactly synchronized. Another possibility is a temporary relay by R. Australia, Brandon or Shepparton; I have an inquiry out to them (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN SOUTH [non]. 15725, July 10 at 0521, V. of South Sudan Revolutionary Radio, presumed the JBA carrier here, after having been audible several nights straight; frequency almost matching RNZI on 11725, as propagation even from Africa is very degraded: 15400 Dabanga/Madagascar only poor, VOA Botswana 15580 very poor, nothing from Nigeria 15120 which was probably off anyway (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. 9830, July 9 at 2245, very poor signal under the pervasive RTTY, presumably VOT in degraded propagation; someone reported it totally inaudible recently (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 12105, July 9 at 1857, WTWW-3 is back on in Arabic contrary to schedule, only fair signal with degraded propagation, after having been totally missing earlier in the day.

WTWW-1 is normally very reliable on 9479/5755, but July 10 at 1205 shortly after QSY, 9479 is on with dead air (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 7506+, tuned in WRNO just in time July 9 to hear preacher cut off in mid-word at 0400:08*. Maybe they are depending on a timer to turn the remote transmitter on and off, rather than a caring human being. July 10 at 0205 check, nothing but open carrier/deadair (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)