martedì 6 marzo 2012

Glenn Hauser logs March 6, 2012

** AUSTRALIA. 9580, March 6 at 1358* this RA frequency cuts off air abruptly (for change to 5995 or 7240 on different beams) as YL DJ is saying goodbye. I never can catch her name, but per
at 1230-1400 it`s ``Live talk and music with Al Crombie and Namila Benson`` (BTW, she looks Aboriginal). I usually only hear the YL; maybe they take turns rather than both at once. They are also on at 1130-1200. Other `Live talk` segments have different DJs:
2135-2400 Live talk with Phil Kafcaloudes
0000-0200 Live talk with Heather Jarvis and Clement Paligaru
0600-0700 Live talk and music with Isabelle Genoux
0800-1100 Live talk with Tracee Hutchison
1800-1900 Talk and music with Al Crombie and Namila Benson [not live?]
Those are from the Tuesday schedule to the Pacific; may vary on other days, especially weekends, and to Asia. RA`s new website
automatically detects your timezone for schedule display. Fortunately, my computer is on UT already (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake March 6:
11500, JBA at 1432; no others found above or below
Propagation is quite poor again today, despite rising flux as WWV reported at 1500:

``Solar-terrestrial indices for 05 March follow.
Solar flux 132 and estimated planetary A-index 8.
The estimated planetary K-index at 1500 UTC on 06 March was 2.
Space weather for the past 24 hours has been minor.
Radio blackouts reaching the R1 level occurred.
Space weather for the next 24 hours is predicted to be minor.
Radio blackouts reaching the R1 level are expected.``

** COSTA RICA. 9765, March 6 at 1354, dead air, then REE cuts on as it is going from Basque back to Castilian.

11815.0, March 6 at 1400, timesignal and REE ID, right on frequency today, ex 11815.247 yesterday and some other days, even tho there is no reception from NHK today to confirm no audible het (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6925-AM, March 6 at 0621, singing on very poor signal with little hope of identifying, but stick with it a while, and pays off at 0624 with announcement, novelty song, 0625 strong enough to hear Radio Free Euphoria ID, and something with a 3+2 beat; haven`t knowingly heard this pirate before (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. 17595, March 6 at 1408, `Españoles en la Mar` with PSA about calling ``Pan, pan, pan`` on 2182 kHz for medical emergencies, with more at That`s the Spanish coast guard, except they don`t guard or patrol, just provide aid and rescue. But I couldn`t find any mention of 2182 on their website, so need to confirm details, maybe from first four minutes of podcast of today`s program once it is up (not yet by 1653) at