giovedì 15 marzo 2012

Glenn Hauser logs March 13-15, 2012

** ANTARCTICA. 15476, still no trace of LRA36 on another Thursday, March 15 at 1302, 1400+ (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Firedrake March 15, before 1300:
11545, fair at 1258 vs WEWN 11550 sideband
12980, very poor at 1258, mixing with something, really Sound of Hope?
13970, JBA at 1259; none in the 14s, 15s before 1300

After 1300:
15565, poor with flutter at 1304, presumably vs V. of Tibet on split

Before 1330:
12670, good at 1320
12300, very poor at 1321

Before 1400:
12670, very poor at 1356, way down from 36 minutes earlier; no 13s
14700, poor with flutter at 1358; not heard here in a long time
15455, very poor at 1359-1400*; presumably vs V. of Tibet jumparound
15590, poor at 1359; unusual spot, nothing in Aoki
15605, fair at 1358 vs WEWN 15610; unusual spot, nothing in Aoki
15900, fair at 1358
Steve Handler in IL was also hearing 15455, 15605 this morning

** COSTA RICA. 11815.0, March 15 at 1254, REE Cariari is on-frequency today! No het against NHK co-channel in Japanese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** JAPAN. 9695, March 15 at 1251, good signal with Thai talk; must be NHK as scheduled since then had a clip in Japanese (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MAURITANIA. 7245, March 15 at 0620, IGIM is still not on (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA [and non]. 15120, March 14 at 1858 I tune in to see what happens with V. of Nigeria today. There is a lo het! Between their two transmitter sites, Ikorodu on 15120 and new Abuja on 15119.86 or so (I was on the porch so didn`t have my keyboard handy to find the closest note.) Some talk modulation is also audible. At 1859:38 one of them goes off for a second, and so does the het, then resuming. At 1900 I can hear some music, and the 15120 signal finally goes off for good at 1900:53* or so. YL can then be heard introducing world news on 15120-. Probably the best yet heard at this hour, but still poor and not really readable.

I compare it to neighboring REE on both sides. Fortunately, Noblejas on 15110.0 is not producing spurs up to 45 kHz away today, just splashing out to 15117. Cariari is noticeably off frequency to the hi side of 15125+, which helps Nigeria a little bit.

15120 checked again for the morning broadcast which is sometimes much better than at 19 UT, but March 15 at 0618, no signal at all. The band was barely open from Africa on 15400, Australia better on 15160, 15240 and non // 15415 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1170, March 14 at 1652 UT, I am lucky enough to turn on the car radio checking KFAQ Tulsa for IBOC, finding no such buzz on 1160 or 1180, when at 1653, 1170 cuts off the air for a few sex! Comes back on and now the IBOC is running along with it. Later chex indicate it now comes and goes on KFAQ. It was also on at 1238 March 15 (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** THAILAND. 9720, March 15 at 1251 news in English with Britishish accent, i.e. HSK9. Better signal than BBC Singapore 9740, despite 9720 aimed southeastward from Udorn Thani (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Strong open carriers, presumably IBB Greenville tuning up:

15580, March 15 at 1306 OC muscling in between BBC 15575 and REE on 15585, then a 10-second tone test during 1308; off just before 1309.

13620, March 15 at *1315:45-1316:05* open carrier, back on and off briefly in the next minute. Probably a test-only frequency as the only listed GB frequencies on this band are 13750 for VOA Spanish and 13820 for R. Martí (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9330v-CUSB, March 15 at 0612, good signal but dead air from WBCQ. Next check 1247, just in time to hear the WBCQ ``You`re on the Planet`` singing ID, a rarity on this frequency, and introducing something sponsored by Quick Study TV Ministry, i.e. another program from Rod Hembree`s Good Friends Radio Network. Wonder if modulation had just resumed, with ID at that odd time. However, by 1349 it was open carrier again, and still so at 1404, 1436, La Voz del Aire Muerto (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. 11750, March 15 at 1255, VG VOA signal with `Earth & Sky` about more new species to discover, SOS; 1256 to USG Editorial. Also with a fast SAH from open carrier, presumably RHC which is about to inherit the frequency (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WORLD OF RADIO 1608: first SW airing will be at new DST-altered time of 2100 UT Thursday March 15 on WTWW 9479; repeat UT Sunday 0400 on 5755. Also: UT Friday 0330v on WWRB 3195; UT Saturday 0100-0120v on Area 51 WBCQ 5110v-CUSB. On WRMI 9955: Saturday 0800, 1500, 1730, Sunday 0800, 1530, 1730, Monday 0500, 1130. Also on WRN via SiriusXM channel 120: Sat & Sun 1730, Sun 0830 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. TV channel 19, no analog signal from KUOT-CA OKC, March 13 at 0420 UT and later, despite 48 KOCY-LP having built up to a good signal with evening tropo enhancement. Fear KUOT is off the air, breakdown or permanent? It does have a CP for DTV, but not yet visible.

Big regional tropo opening on TV, March 13 at 1440 and still going when I quit at 1740 UT: First, the analog portion, by channel:

48, at 1440 UT I notice some 20-kHz CCI on my only reliable NTSC signal left, KOCY-LP OKC, which is supposed to be zero-offset, per which also still has it relaying KUOK-36 despite my recent report of that no longer the case, instead with the low-brow Estrella TV network. This prompts me to rotate the antenna and find lots of DTV DX signals, mostly from east to north, as below.

Back on 48 at 1541 UT, while aimed at Kansas City, I am again seeing CCI bars, maybe more like 15 than 20 kHz. Guess what, there is a 48 in KC, KUKC-LP with 12.7 kW ERP running Univisión. At 1547 the audio is making it during a Univision promo mentioning Kansas City, local ad. Once in a while there are bursts of zero-CCI, probably airplane scatter thanks to Vance AFB, from KOCY OKC vs itself. My antenna has the peculiar property of a considerable lobe toward OKC when aimed at KC on channel 48, which used to confuse me when both of them were Univisión.

After this I scan the UHF band for any other analog signals, and find a couple:

30, at 1546 UT, very weak and not locking horizontally aimed NE, but barely locking aimed north, and can discern that it is `The View`, i.e. an ABC affiliate; no audio. It`s // local KOCO-7 but not synchronized with that DTV, of course. Per listings, this has to be KGBD-LP in Great Bend KS, 8.4 kW relaying KAKE-21 Wichita DTV.

17, at 1550 another analog, very poor, most likely KETM-LP in Emporia KS, 22.3 kW. At first there is a tussle, boxing, or Jerry Springer? At 1607 audio is in confirming English, with a judge show, black fellow, i.e. `Judge Mathis`. I then check his website for affiliates and times. Nothing on 17 around here of course, but he is on at 11 am via KTMJ 43 in Topeka, which is what KETM relays. KTMJ itself is listed as a -CA in analog with a CP for digital, strangely known as ``Fox 6`` where there has never been any such full power station. Conveniently, Mathis is also on my local KOKH-24 at same time for comparison. DTV tuning also shows a `bad` signal on 17, presumably KDOR Bartlesville OK TBN, so congrats to the LP analog in Emporia for overcoming that.

The rest is all DTV, with the true RF channels referenced first, UT!:

RF 26 at 1440, KTEN Ada OK with Dr Phil; not that far but seldom seen

RF 25 at 1440, 26-3 with `Create`, a public TV subchannel that OETA deprives us of in OK in order to save bandwidth for HDTV, `Woodsmith`s Workshop`. I am at first aimed SW, not sure where the opening is coming from. Turning toward the north, I see bug in LR for OPT-HD on 26-1 with Sesame Street; OPT ED in 26-2 with something animated labeled e/i; 26-3 with OPT Create. Since I`m getting it from the north, figure OPT could mean Omaha Public TV, but there is no such thing, just part of Nebraska`s NET network, and not on RF 25.

Then I am getting it just as well from the ENE, and finally realize it`s Ozark Public Television, KOZJ in Joplin MO!

RF 14 is getting 17-1 KAAS DT from and 17-2 COOL-SD. This is really KOCW, Hoisington KS with 40 kW, which relays KAAS-17 Salina, which relays KSAS-26 Wichita.

RF 41, at 1534, 38-1 with KMCI-TV `Judge Allen`; 38-2 with KMCI-LW, and bug in LR says LWN with a plant erupting atop the W. Does it stand for lawn? Guide shows `Home with Lisa Quinn`. Since this is in Lawrence KS, is the -LW channel something local? No, it means ``Live Well``. Also past 1700 and 1730 UT. Were the Lawrencians yet attracted by its common letters to visiblize OTA the `LW` channel? I haven`t seen it anywhere else.

RF 43 at 1556, DTV 12-1 KODE-DT (Joplin MO)

RF 34 at 1557, DTV 4-1 WDAF-DT (Kansas City MO); 4-2 is WDAF SD; also at 1658 still in. And still at 1732 with WDAF on 4-1, WDAF-SD on 4-2.

RF 23 at 1600, 21-1 OPT HD; this is the other Ozarx PTV originating station in Springfield MO, KOZK.

RF 16 at 1601, DTV 9-1 KOOD-1: altho aimed NE it`s from the N; also 9-2 KOOD-2 both running animated shows; bug in LR says Smoky Hills with the backwards-face PBS logo too; 9-3 is Create; and KOOD-4 is running Tavis Smiley a semihour before OKLA does here, and this time the Smoky Hills bug is in the lower left. KOOD 16 is in Hays, Kansas.

Then remapping leads me to real RF 9, where I am getting public TV from 37.9 kW Fayetteville, Arkansas at 1607: DTV 13-1 KAFT-1 with AETN bug in LR running an e/i show as per bug in UR. 13-2 is KAFT-2 with Create, painting show. 13-3 is KAFT-3, a.k.a. AETN Plus; 13-4 is KAFT-4 with AIRS = Arkansas Information Reading Service, with job openings (also for sighted?): the video is just a slide with AIRS ID alternating several different fonts and colors, lines centered, which I snapped:
You are Listening to
Arkansas Information
Reading Service
for the Blind

RF 18 at 1656, DTV 19-1 KCPT-1 Kansas City.

RF 47 after 1700, DTV 67-1 KSMO-TV (I didn`t have time to check the subchannels of all of these, as the signals barely decoded briefly)

RF 42 after 1700, displays as DTV 41-1, KSHB-TV.

RF 41 at 1739 as 38-1 KMCI-TV, yet is running Action News from channel ``41``, as per bug in LR. RF 41 is really KMCI-DT, but it`s a duoply with KSHB RF 42, virtual 41, and carrying the news from KSHB, which puts the virtual channel 41 back on the real channel 41. Boy, is this confusing. Have I got it all sorted out, Dave Pomeroy and Rob Zerwekh?

RF 13, there must have been DX QRM from Topeka and/or Arkansas, since I could not get KETA to decode until past 1730; no NHK News with OKC weather for us today! (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)