lunedì 18 luglio 2011

New Australian Radio Guide Released

Media Release
Radio Heritage Foundation
July 18 2011

New Australian Narrowcast
Guide 1611-1701 AM

A new version of the Australian Narrowcast Radio Guide 1611-1701 AM has just been released by the Radio Heritage Foundation and is available from

Completely revised and updated, the guide covers some 70 stations currently broadcasting on the expanded AM dial across Australia. These stations, usually operating with a low transmitter power, have been a feature of the Australian radio scene for some decades.

The new guide reveals that almost 40% of the stations operate on just one frequency, 1611 AM, which is just outside the standard AM dial but usually listenable on most car and domestic radio receivers.

Almost 30% of the stations are also operated by just one broadcaster, Rete Italia, which has been expanding use of the narrowcast dial for its services in the Italian language.

Other broadcasters heard include the Vision Radio Network, several country music networks, Arabic, Greek, Chinese and other ethnic stations and several local stations such as the new 2GW in Sydney's Greater West on 1611 AM and relays for Far North Queensland's 4KZ.

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