giovedì 7 luglio 2011

Glenn Hauser logs July 6-7, 2011

** CHINA. Firedrake July 7:
10300, fair at 1231
12025, very poor at 1329, mixing with some talk
12500, good at 1235
12600, poor at 1235
12900, fair at 1235; quite a quality range at same time on 12`s
12980, good at 1328; none in the 10`s or 11`s now
13920, very poor at 1326
14700, poor-fair at 1235; good at 1326
15670, poor at 1259 mixing with Chinese CNR1 jamming; 1300 timesignal and both continue, unlike other Firedrake TOH breaks; 1330 still mix
15750, very good but flutter at 1330; not earlier
15900, very poor at 1243; poor-very poor at 1330
15970, fair-good at 1323; poor-fair at 1330; none higher

** COSTA RICA. 5970, July 7 at 1222, REE relay, altho S9+12, is significantly undermodulated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. 9526-, July 7 at 1252, VOI in Special Japanese, then music, poor at S8 to peaks S9+8. At least something is making it now, but 13-14 for English is still too far into daylight (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 6010, July 7 at 1215, R. Mil with news in Spanish fading in and out from poor level to peak S9+15 at 1223 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. Lots of TV and FM DX July 6, UT:

1313 on 2, turned on TV to find Es hopping already, and this time peaking SSE rather than S to WSW, so hoping it`s unMexican. At first audio is loud but video weak, OM telling story. 1329 I confirm it`s suspected XHY-TV, Mérida, Yucatán, by // to stream a few sex apart at  1329 the dialog is between a clown and a guy in camos. At 1330 spot XHY in lower left; show is `Matutino Express` with three people at desk having big time in raucous discussion. Now has constant facebook f in lower-left. 1350 XHY is still dominant vs XHQRO co-channel below. 1357, one of the deskers, a low-cut, tight-skirted female, is now at a weather map but her figure is constantly getting in the way of the figures! Temps from around the nation. Oops, I`m watching the web more than the TV.

1313 on 2, CCI to above is net-5 with toons, Roadrunner vs Coyote. Mostly music and SFX on audio, but seems to have occasional narration in Spanish; was there ever narration in English? Maybe things need explaining. Must be XHQRO, 100 kW at Cancún QR per ch 2 map, tho W9WI has net as 2. 1323, Looney Tunes that`s-all-folx, Bisquick commercial.

1319 on 4, net-5, also with Coyote toon, and constant bug in large letters, upper-right, XHMEN-TV. If only all Mexican TV stations would do this! Is Mérida, Yucatán. 1330, more Roadrunner & Coyote toon.

Twice the 1200-mile distance and direxion from Mérida lands in the Pacific between Panamá and Colombia, with Guayaquil and Quito, Ecuador also under 3000 miles. At 1320 I noticed the video CCI on 2 was rather strange, like maybe some slightly different video standards or frequency variation. I may at least imagine that the Yucatecans are blocking reception of anything from there.

1353 on 2, CCI audio briefly in English, probably XHRIO Matamoros.

1403 on 3, net-5 now from south, still toons, no QRM at the moment, probably XHBQ Zacatecas.

1412 on 3, zero-CCI with `Hoy` show from net-2 takes over, also S

At 1414 the DX Sherlock 6m map shows lots of activity over the US, concentrated in the SE quadrant, and nothing from Mexico except two hams right on the Rio Bravo border, nothing from beyond in Mexico. Similar paucity at further chex.

1416 on 3, CCI including Azteca Trece, UR

1416 on 5, CCI is almost exactly same offset

1417 on 2, XHY is snow-free, then CCI in fútbol report

1418 on 5, Veracruz PSA; 1420 TeleVer promo, Poza Rica in UR, so XHAJ Las Lajas

1418 on 6, some video is starting to show here; 1431 net-5 toon

1419 on 4, heavy CCI; dominating is talk show with ALEGRE in LR, // 3, with Azteca Trece bug UR, but also see a promo for something on Azteca Siete; I suppose the sibling nets cross-promote so not necessarily another station

1432 on 5, `hoy` bug in LL, with studio phone numbers 439 81 03 y 04, 20 degree temp and clock in LR; in upper left, TELEVISA and below it in smaller type I finally make out in a strong fade-up, SALTILLO. But there is no net-2 bug UR. `Hoy` is the national `Today` show of Televisa, but this is a local one, or does the national have local cutaways? 5 in Saltillo is XHAE, which W9WI has on the XHGC-5 net. 1434 an amateur crooner gets to sing. 1447 mentions Televisa Saltillo.

1435 on 6, 10-kHz CCI, net 5 atop, also at 1447

1439 on 88.5, exercise instruxions in Spanish, fadeout

1453 on 6, YL talking about maintaining erexions (O, must be an XYL as a virgin would surely not go on TV about those!) Phone numbers for MTY and DF, and yes, it`s another infomercial for Puassance, which I gather does wonderful things both to men and women, making them strong and potent; same formula? Maybe XET-TV 6 axually in Monterrey, tho supposed to be on net-5, so could be the next item instead.

1458 on 6, net-5 toon CCI to above, 1458 atop with show name `El Chavo`

1500 on 90.1, Spanish YL DJ with rock overrides KCSC in OK starting Brahms` Fourth; 1503 ID as XHCHL, Monterrey NL with street address (US stations never do this! Don`t want visitors), phones. Cantú list (prime reference here for Mexican FM logs) says slogan is ```Beat 90.1`` and is axually in China, NL, power not given. FM Atlas XXI shows it on 99.1, typo or move? With 15 kW. 1504 YL DJ otherwise in Spanish mentions ``Big Hits``, phone number.

1522 on 88.5, RDS says XHUSP, one of only two RDS I got in this opening, tho may have missed some trying to keep eye on 5 TV channels too. Talk discussion about ``Hábita``(?) with URLs; mixing another SS. It`s R. Universidad, 3 kW; I guess same source as ex-SW XEXQ-OC 6045.

1525 on 88.5, live YL DJ with 40 Principales, CCI, mentions I thought, but goes nowhere with or without www. No Top-40 stations in Cantú on 88.5. But at 1526 ID for 88.5 and 1080 in Irapuato, Guanajuato, Los 40 Principales, 10:27 TC, SS rock. That format in Irapuato is listed for XHNY 93.5.

[later: it`s which goes to a restaurant/bar/bazaar/gallery/museum in Morelia and Querétaro but no matches for either on 88.5]

Radiorama station list at
is no help on this, including lots of other formats around the country; tho it displays current date and time at top, © at bottom is 2005-2006, so maybe not updated. Per WRTH 2011, the 1080 in Irapuato is XECN, indeed Los Cuarenta Principales.

1528 on 88.1, CCI from two Mexicans, music and talk

1531 on 88.7, Spanish briefly over KLVV OK

1531 on 88.9, Spanish, ``La Radio ---``

1531 on 89.3, RDS says GRUPERA; Oaxaca promo, then ``XHNP, La Grupera 89.3, 50,000 watts, . . . dominando`` but this is really in Puebla. No Oaxacans on this frequency.

1533 on 91.5, stereo Spanish rock, ACI from KOSU 91.7, best heard off-tuned to 91.45 on the DX-398. 1534 phone 10-14-11-67 (or -77), keeps chattering over music; 1539, mentions Grupo Marmor, Exa FM 91.5; 1540 YL DJ with Exa ID too, mentions Michoacán. It`s XHMRL, Morelia, 100 kW; PSA for elexion 13 November in Mich. See

1542 on 97.7, weak Spanish briefly, highest frequency noted in this opening, but so much was going on lower that I did not keep scanning up to 108.

1545 on 88.1, Zamora ad, ``Los 40, 88.1``, 40 Principales; so XHZN in Zamora, Michoacán again; CCI.

1546 on 88.9 CCI SS talk and music; 1549 ``La Zeta 88.9, 1300 AM, sigue escuchando``. Is XHKV, León, Guanajuato, 10 kW.

1551 on 90.5, Spanish M&M conversation. This is one of my most open frequencies, the nearby Okie CP not yet having started up, if ever?

1553 on 90.5, YL rock in Spanish, mix romantic music, conversation with Pedro

1556 on 2-6, TV channels are all full of CCI = co-channel QRM

1557 on 90.5, 10:56 TC, ``Uva 90.5``, outro music, talk about Tabasco salsa. Is XHUVA, Aguascalientes, Ags.

1559 on 90.5, ``Imagen`` single-word ID over algo, CCI. XEDA Méx DF

1604 on 90.5, YL discussing calories, sex, with OM; which of these?

1604 on 90.5, Ciudad Obregón ad, CCI; 1607 ID in passing as ``La Invasora``. Is XHFL, 20 kW. First sign that the opening has moved out to the Pacific coast, of Sonora.

1605 on 3, VG signal with El Che ad, maybe XHQ Culiacán, Sin.

1614 on 90.5, classical briefly over XHFL; could be Kansas groundwave?

1615 on 90.5, no it isn`t, Spanish classical back-announcement with other music background, fade. Cantú shows several cultural possibilities, Monterrey, Mazatlán, Tamaulipas; 1619 fadeout to OK

1619 on 90.7, SS conversation, VG, $tereo but no RDS, mentions ``W Radio`` but none of that group listed

1630 on 3, SKY logo LR which I have seen before on XHBC Mexicali

1621 on 5, adstring from WSW, surely XHAQ also Mexicali; 1624 Azteca Trece promo; 1631 snow-free, 09:31 clock in LR during infomercial, Azteca Trece bug UR

1623 on 6, English ads, PSA Help for Homeless in ``Better`` show seen before from XETV Tijuana; 1641 M&W in English, ``San Diego Living`` in LR with clips of movies, interviews with personnel/stars; is cropped with semifaces at each edge

1628 on 89.5, Spanish rock, $tereo, VG, side-tuned to 89.45 to avoid 89.7 local, but no RDS; 1632 fades for ID, then hear slogans as ``La Pachunga``; DJ talking over music, has lower-class accent; 1633 TC for 9:32 = UT-7, more IDs as ``La Pachunga``. Google and listings insist it is spelt Pachanga, but they are pronouncing it as if with a U! 1635 local ads. It is XHRCL, 15 kW from San Luís Río Colorado, Sonora, across from Yuma AZ.

1655, MUF falls below FM

1656 on 4, algo talk show from the SW, not S; only some 2s from S

1658 on 4, Azteca Trece UR; CCI with exercises?

1725 on 3, not much but WSW, XHBC?

1749 on 3, LR has clock on CDT 12:xx, even tho from WSW, so not XHBC Mexicali; Then I make out ONCE NOTICIAS along with it in LR, so they are taking live net from the DF not changing the time; as this is surely XHTJB Tijuana in the PDT zone two hours earlier, as also seen yesterday. Talk about sex abuse.

This has almost same offset heavy CCI at times, i.e. 4 or 5 each dark and lite horizontal bars, which I have often seen on XHBC. I had assumed that was from XHQ Culiacán, Sinaloa, as both listed zero offset, but now I realize it is a clash of the two much closer BCN stations on 3. W9WI lists NH for XHTJB, which means offset-unknown, horizontal polarization (like almost every TV station). They really need to offset this away from XHBC. It must be a real mess between Mexicali and Tijuana, let alone in Oclajoma!

1805 on 3, now XHTJB in letterboxed toons, with ONCE inside the black bar at top to the right, and some more letters below it inside the pix, maybe TV ONCE.

1823 on 3, XHBC is back weakly with ad for Denny`s in Mexicali y Calexico

1830 or so the opening finally fades out. Whew! Even channel 2 remains devoid the rest of the afternoon and evening (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [and non]. 13620, July 7 at 0508, 1000 Hz tone jamming is much stronger than R. Dabanga (?) via Madagascar underneath, the first time this has ever been the case. Or has RD moved elsewhere? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. New WRMI 9955 schedule grid dated July 5 shows a new time for WORLD OF RADIO: UT Friday 0500. That`s usually one of the better times for WRMI reception here. Tnx, Jeff! Altho 24 hours earlier nothing but moderate pulse jamming was heard. First airing of #1572, UT Thursday July 7 at 0330 confirmed on webcast, while 9955 was nothing but noise jamming. Further airings on WRMI: Thursday 1500, 2100, Friday 0500, 1430, Saturday 0800, 1500, 1730, Sunday 0800, 1530, 1730.

On WTWW: Thursday 2100 on 9479, UT Sunday 0400 on 5755.
On WBCQ: Thursday 2130 on 7415, UT Monday 0300 on 5110v-CUSB.
On WWRB: UT Friday 0330v on 5051.
On WRN via SiriusXM 120: Sat & Sun 1730, Sun 0830.
Full schedule:

** U S A. 15825, July 7 at 1244, WWCR with JBA carrier; at first I thought it off, propagation very poor, while VOA Greenville 15590 Spanish was VG. 13845 WWCR also JBA at 1248 while VOA-G 13750 Spanish was good. The other Tennessean, 12100 WTWW in Arabic was VG at 1248 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 15590, July 7 at 1245, VOA Spanish very good from NC while TN signals were barely audible (see USA WWCR entry). Pausing in `Buenos Días, América` to plug `Música Country` show on VOASat, affiliates all over the continent, and but no mention of SW! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###