lunedì 18 luglio 2011

Glenn Hauser logs July 17-18, 2011

** CHINA. Firedrake July 18, first during ChiCom post-noon hour:
15970, JBA with flutter at 0524
16100, very poor with flutter at 0527
16980, JBA with flutter at 0527

Before 1300:
11500, fair at 1253
12980, fair at 1254
13130, good at 1256
14700, fair-good at 1257
15545, poor at 1258
15900, poor at 1259
16100, good at 1259

After 1300: since 15430 had been heard past two days until 1330* I tuned here to try to catch it coming on. Certainly not on during first few minutes of semihour, but it turned out that the signal was not strong enough on second receiver with indoor antenna to catch my attention whenever it oncame. At 1327 check it was already on, until 1330* off immediately

15545, very poor-poor at 1327, vs carrier on 15542

16100, poor-fair at 1331, fair at 1359
15970, good at 1331, 1358
15900, fair at 1331, poor at 1358
15520, fair at 1358; down from 15545 vs V of Tibet earlier
13830, poor-very poor at 1333; none in the 12`s or 14`s now
12980, poor at 1356, not earlier in semihour
11500, poor at 1336

** CHINA. 15600, July 18 until 1327* a bit of Chinese music, not Firedrake and off. Scheduled as CRI via Kunming in Malay at 1230-1327 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN [non]. 17755, poor July 18 at 1306, lofi audio with hum during conversation; maybe bad phone connexion. 1312 music without hum, 1316 Farda ID in passing. Is 100 kW, 77 degrees via Lampertheim, GERMANY (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTEING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. A bit more sporadic E TVDX continued from last report, UT July 17:

1655 on 4, explosive sounds tho not much video; perhaps more of the Harrison Ford movie seen earlier

1842 on 2 and 3, CCI from S/SSW; then on 3, net-2, post-game football interview.

2126 on 3, KFC ad in Spanish; weak CCI on 2, 3, 4 and 5 to 2230 or so

July 18, another big opening also into FM, from turn-on and tune-in 1423 UT:

1423 on 5, Azteca noticias from WSW, Azteca 13 bug in UR, `AM` program bug in LR along with 8:26 clock, i.e. one hour fast for XHAQ Mexicali in the UT-7/PDT zone

1424 on 3, from WSW, Notivisa with distinctive N logo, this one with correct clock 7:25 in LR; snow free at times from XHBC Mexicali. I switch to FM:

1427 on 90.7, ``Cuarenta Principales`` jingle, 7:27 TC ``en 40 Principales, 90.7`` them mentions Mexicali, temps in C and F, now 27/81, hi to be 43/109 (almost like Enid has been). XHMOE, 100 kW is in for some time at further chex: 1506, English rock, 1507 YL with Galería Fashion Cards ad, then DJs chatting, 1522 8:22 TC, song. That URL leads to an image blog under construxion, while the national mall chain with the Fashion Cards is at and I don`t see one in Mexicali

1429 on 92.3 algo in Spanish; 1442 IFE PSA, then Gilberto Marín with self-help talkshow, plugging his upcoming monhthly workshops starting with ``Taller de la mujer y su auto-estima`` to lick crying, on Sat 23 July, reservations at 565-6235; offices are at La Placita; more of them on 13 Aug, 10 Sept, 15 Oct, some for kids, others for couples. 1452 ad in Spanish for a breakfast buffet at a steakhouse, back to Gilberto. Here`s his blog in Mexicali,
so, per Cantú:
92.3  XHMMF La Poderosa Mexicali, B.C. 21,900
altho it`s only one fifth as powerful as 90.7!

[non] 1429 on 92.7, Spanish music, and Fiesta 92.7 ID, ad in gringo Spanish by a doctor of The Prostate Treatment Center, Wichita, so KANR again pretending to be a DX Mexican. This 12 kW signal makes more of an impression here than 100 kW 92.3 which is really further in Newton.

1431 on 95.1, CCI to Wichita, Spanish ID missed, ``La`` algo

1449 on 91.5, Spanish CCI to KJZZ [see USA], more likely XHJC, Exa FM, Mexicali with 14568 watts than the only other 91.5 in western Mexico, XHSOA, R. Sonora, Caborca with 1510 watts. Yes: at 1451 ad for a Shakira appearance in Mexicali

1503 on 87.75, drama, movie? In English with `urban` accents; but CCI from something else in English. One is surely XETV ch 6 Tijuana, but the other? 1537 urban movie is still in as MUF almost falls below FM

1541, 3 and 5 Mexicali are still in
1555, rotate to SSW for peak of heavy CCI on channels 2-5
1600 on 6, net 5 with Smurfs, CCI
1600 on 5, net 5 with Smurfs much better than // 6; same audio also on // 3

1636 on 88.1, KWOU Woodward overridden by Spanish ads for an embotelladora, PSA from gobierno de Michoacán extolling it with slogan ``Michoacán trabaja``, best economic situation in the region; then ``Los 40, 88.1`` jingle. Is XHZN in Zamora, heard a few times previously this season; 1659 ad for a maquinaria store in Durango, mentioned twice, but there is no 88.1 anywhere near Durango, so maybe it is just the name or address of one in Zamora

1700 on 5, animated bug in LR looks like a heart, in novela, then net-2 bug, mixing with Smurfs still from net 5

1701 on 88.1, Los Cuarenta again, abrupt moodchange to ``Ave María`` song introduced as ``La Hora de Leche[?]``, but only lasts about a minute, outro as sponsored by Agencia Ford de Zamora. After switch to XHRE below, XHZN regains at 1706 with music, RDS: XHZN-FM

1702, 88.1 CCI takes over from above, ``88.1 FM y 920 AM, --- XERE``
and mentions Acir group; 920 is XERE in Celaya, Guanajuato, simulcasting XHRE 88.1, per WRTH 2011.

1809 on 4, now more WSW, peaks SSW, Salud es Belleza ad

1810 on 5, net 5 animated, not kidtoon

1813 on 5, Se Vale gameshow from net-2; 1819 snow free briefly

1836 on 2, net-13, novela? Briefly atop CCI

Opening continues on TV, mostly weaker CCI channels 2-5 past 1836 as I am busy with lunch and compiling this report, not paying full attention (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Besides all the Mexican FM DX, some sporadic E from this side of the border, July 18, UT:

1434 on 99.1, phone 445-2900, City of Prescott promo, promo for ``local heroes`` every Thursday Morning. KTMG, Prescott AZ, 6 kW per FM Atlas XXI

1447 on 88.1, KCFY mentioned, Christian; i.e., 3 kW from Yuma AZ. I was axually sidetuned to 87.95 on the DX-398, where best heard vs the CCI on 88.1. Does this mean it has a wider bandwidth than the others, or even transmits off-frequency? Or just a strangeness of the receiver under prevailing DX conditions, relative strengths, antenna orientation?

1449 on 91.5, KJZZ news break during NPR Morning Edition, but it`s national, not local Phoneix AZ news, e.g. oysters in Louisiana. Has CCI in Spanish; see MEXICO

1455 on 99.3, frantic music in Spanish, fading in and out vs Ponca City; 1500 mentions El Centro, La Tricolor. FMA XXI has 6 kW KMXX ``Mix`` in Imperial but with Spanish format. I do get a Google hit matching KMXX, El Centro and Radio Tricolor.

1503 on 87.75, drama, movie? In English with `urban` accents; but CCI from something else in English. One is surely XETV ch 6 Tijuana, but the other? 1537 urban movie is still in as MUF almost falls below FM

1527 on 97.7, NPR-type news talk, no doubt 6 kW KQVO Calexico CA, relay of KPBS 89.5 San Diego as heard before, outsticking sorethumbly midband

1530 on 94.9, national ads including GEICO, then ``94-9 The Outlaw, the best country, with a Texas attitude``. Not Es DX, but groundwave 50 kW KOLI, Electra-Wichita Falls, included here for slogan reference

** U S A. 12100, July 18 at 1245 check, WTWW is already on in Arabic, unlike yesterday (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non?]. Finding WWV inbooming on 20000, i.e. sporadic E opening, July 18 at 1407, I look for higher signals. Zero activity on 15 and 12m hambands, no 25950 KOA; but 27455-USB has QSO in Spanish underneath a Good Ole Boy in English.

28425-USB, July 18 at 1413 the OSSBSOB, Paul, KW7D in Deming (he keeps spelling it as if we didn`t know), New Mexico calling CQ, then contact with KC5SNJ/NA168, Lee, also audible more weakly. Never heard his QTH but shows: KE5SNJ, Lee G Mallahan, Jr, PO BOX 448, Grand Isle, LA 70358 USA. After their brief repeat contact, KW7D immediately worked someone else I could not hear.

Before heading to VHF, July 18 at 1416, I checked 11715, KJES, also in NM, and it was S9+20, not unusual, sufficient modulation in English catechisms call and repeat. Hey, should look for their second harmonic when we know the MUF is up, 23430, but nothing audible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 9515, July 18 at 0541 repetitive music on guitar, almost seemed like Merlin, but scheduled here is CRI via Albania in Arabic at 05-07. HFCC also has Oman, surely wooden (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 17461, July 17 around 2125 very strong and steady open carrier; gone at next check, but back at 2321 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 17790, July 18 at 1305, 1000 Hz mystery tone test, fair; gone before 1330 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 18393.5-USB, July 18 at 1401, Colloquial Spanish 2-way, one side much stronger than the other; some terms I made out were ``diez pulgadas``, ``puta``, ``kilos``, ``puta madre``, and some whistling. Poachers or narcotraffickers? Mixing English and metric  units (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###