domenica 13 febbraio 2011

*WIN* Pirate Radio DVD Competition

Radio Heritage Foundation

Win Pirate Radio USA
DVD Competition

The Radio Heritage Foundation announces its first competition for radio fans in 2011.....make sure you get your entry in fast to win a bonus Introductory Supporter package worth US$10 as well.......

Low powered radio is now legal in the USA and some say it might return local communities and people to the airwaves after decades of 'big business' radio....who knows....and in the meantime pirate radio broadcasts are widely heard across many cities and states mainly on FM but even across the world via shortwave.......

Enter now and win a copy of the entertaining DVD documentary 'Pirate Radio USA' which takes you inside rogue radio stations across the country and looks at the politics of radio in the USA today.

Simply tell us the title of the song by Johnny O'Keefe at #3 on the 2ZC Official Top 40 playlist you'll find in our lead feature '150 Sponsors Underwrite Operating Costs in 2011' at

Send your answer with '2ZC Song Competition' in the subject line of an email to to reach us by midnight your local time and date on February 28 2011....judges decision is final and no correspondence.


As a bonus, we'll also randomly choose 10 correct answers and those chosen get a free introductory supporter package valued at US$10 for  2011. Full details of package benefits are at our website

Become one of our special donors for 2011! Join the radio stations, broadcasters, radio listeners and others who helped us meet 100% of our January funding target!

You know you'll be helping keep radio heritage safe and sound.

Our February funding round is now open for donations with a target of US$1175. We're already 14% on the way so your donation will make a difference, in fact your US$50 [less than $1 a day] buys us a day of operating costs.


The first 5 donations of US$50 we get this week will each receive a free copy of 'ZB The Voice of an Iconic Radio Station' by Bill Francis, the story of one of the most influential radio stations in the Pacific.

Use the donation button at and remember to send your competition entry to '2ZC Song Competition' to be in to win your copy of the 'Pirate Radio USA DVD'.

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