lunedì 16 agosto 2010

Shortwave Radio Logs from WDX6AA

AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-Shepparton 9580 1732 GMT English 433 Sept 14 OM with comments on Todays Financial Meltdown Worldwide.

BONAIRE Radio Netherlands Intl Relay-RNI 6165 0240 GMT Spanish 433 Sept 15 Two OMs in a conversation.

CANADA Voice of Vietnam Relay-VOV 6175 0236 GMT English 333 Sept 15 YL with comments on the Taliban Terrorists. OM at 0237 GMT on Money Laundering by the Taliban Terrorists.

CHINA CPBS 9810 1718 GMT Chinese 333 Sept 4 YL and OM with comments. //9710[333].

CHINA China Radio Intl-CRI 9665 1725 GMT Hausa 333 Sept 14 Choir vocal music by YLs.

JAPAN Radio Japan-NHK 9835 1713 GMT Japanese 444 Sept 14 YL and OM with comments followed by playing USA Jazz band music plus some vocal singing. Excellent program for me!!

PALAU Radio Free Asia-RFA 9905 1703 GMT Chinese 333 Sept 14 YL and OM with comments. //9540[444] Tinian, 9455[333]Saipan, 9355[444]Saipan, 11540[444]Tinian, 11795[444]Tinian and 13626[444]Tinian.

TAIWAN Voice of Han 9745 1720 Chinese 333 Sept 14 YL and OM with comments.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
Rcvrs: Kenwood R5000 and Grundig Satellit 650
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