sabato 14 agosto 2010

HFCC Meeting August 2nd - 6th

The High Frequency Co-ordination Conference (HFCC) was recently held in Zurich, Switzerland. Over 110 representatives from international radio shortwave broadcasters, met to coordinate the frequencies for the Winter season that will start on October 31st 2010. The conference, organized by HFCC and ASBU, was hosted by DRM-Member Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia and DRM associate member NASB, the North American Association of Shortwave Broadcasters. On Tuesday 3rd August, Ludo Maes and Mireya Martinez from the company TDP, gave presentations on a range of DRM topics including DRM-Monitoring systems and multi-standard digital radio receivers. The next day, the participants went to the Thomson factory at Turgi where they had a guided tour of antennas, transmitters and equipment for scientific and medical purposes. This was followed by a dinner hosted by Thomson at Bottstein Castle. Once again this conference has had many positive outcomes and demonstrates the benefits of bringing people together for this event. (DRM Newsletter via Alokesh Gupta)