sabato 14 agosto 2010

Glenn Hauser logs August 14, 2010

** CHINA. Firedrake August 14:
 8400, good at 1235. Was not hearing it a semihour earlier; poor at 1334
10500, good at 1218 but with flutter; gone at 1334 but 8400 was still

15795, a somewhat confusing situation here: AIR`s Chinese service is 1145-1315 via Bengaluru, and the ChiCom must jam it, as noted many times before. Aug 14 at 1225, Chinese music and talk, nothing Indian about it, but not // CNR1 jamming frequencies. 1230 2-pip timesignal, on the half-hour, so does that point to India? But then CNR-type emphatic talk, with echo, so using some program other than CNR1? By 1245, now I can tell 15795 is // 11785 CNR1 jamming an echo apart, but 15795 has become much weaker (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NETHERLANDS ANTILLES [and non]. 9715, Sat Aug 14 at 1208 rap music in English, but audio dropping out every few sex; 1215 Spanish announcement and more music. RN via Bonaire, with weekly pop music countdown, 1218 ``número 6``, but hardly pertinent in Spanish. Same on weaker 9895 but unseemed //, maybe offset. 9715 is 290 degrees, 9895 is 230. Alfonso Montealegre despides himself at 1226 and now I can tell 9895 is also breaking up, as Jaime Báguena gives the evening Spanish frequencies to 1227*. Wiggle that patchcord!

A glut of this stuff: at same time on 9885 was VOA`s rock music fill on weekend Spanish service; and on 9890 VOA Indonesian service, via Tinang also playing rock music! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN. 11550, Aug 14 at 1158, YFR theme, distorted audio, unstable carrier, and off. Aoki shows: ``11550 FAMILY RADIO 1100-1200 1234567 Indonesian 300 205 Tainan TWN 12038E 2311N WYFR a10``

According to this, when YFR comes back on at 13-15 in English, 15-16 in Hindi, it`s from a different site: ``100 kW, 285 degrees from Hu Wei TWN 12024E 2343N WYFR a10``. This one is slightly off-frequency, putting an audible het on WEWN (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WYFR wrong frequency announcement: to be sure I had not miscopied anything, I listened again 24 hours later, Aug 14. At 1357, 11830 // 11910 with English talk about Rarotongan idols, other English on 11865.

Yes, at 1359, she again says on 11830/11910: ``continuing on 11855, beginning transmission on 11565, 17760 and 13695.`` But none of those are on the air, and really continues on 11830 and 11910. 11865 meanwhile at 1400 has switched to Spanish, mentioning 16 and 25 metros, i.e. 17555 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Checking another Saturday for the bounty of DX programs at 1600 UT: at 1558, nothing on 12160 or 17520, so one starts to get apprehensive.

But shortly after 1558, WWCR signs on 12160, 1600 plays a minute of music, and finally starts WORLD OF RADIO 1525 produced Aug 11 at 1601. VG signal.

At 1559, WHRI signs on 17520, 1600 into DXing with Cumbre #665 produced August 10, Marie quoting a few stories from Media Network blog starting with Leh flooding; later some downunderite and Chris Lobdell for a full semihour this week. Signal fair, not solid (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. From 1415 UT Aug 14, I noticed Kansas was overriding OK on 90.1, and Wichita 92.3 was also inbooming, tropo indicators. So DTV on at 1430, aiming north, got not only the usual Wichitans which require some tropo boost, including KPTS-8, but also Omaha circa 350 miles, and even Sioux City; mostly Saturday-morning kidvid. I videotaped perfect reception from most of these, to eventually still-photograph:

RF 20, DTV 7-1 KETV-DT, Omaha`s ABC station. Also 7-2, as KETV-WN, meaning Weather Now, local plus Accuweather stuff, plus news crawl. This one held up longest, still at 1546 UT with some dropping out, and 1600; by 1630 signal still registering but not decoding.

RF 5, too weak to decode, but rare to get any signal indication here. From direxion of WOI Ames IA, rather than KHAS Hastings NE, and tropo maps show IA the center of the axion, with Enid toward the edge.

RF 38, DTV 15-1, KXVO, definite ID, but lost this one before I had chance to explore any subchannels. It`s the Omaha CW affiliate, and W9WI says Azteca América is on 15-2; would like to have seen that.

RF 41, DTV 4-1, KTIV-HD. Sioux City IA, no subchannels. Distance computed from coordinates: 436 miles. I had this a number of times many years ago by tropo on 4.

RF 43, DTV 42-1, KPTM, Omaha, with exercises.

42-2, the PSIP says MyNet, but the bug in LR says ``this``, and below it in smaller letters, OMAHA. Plus e/i bug UR meaning program qualifies as educational/instruxional.

42-3, labeled KPTM-D3, in Spanish with weight-loss infomercial for eslim-ice. Seems the same pitch repeats every few minutes and still going at 1515.

W9WI shows 42-1 as Fox, 42-2 as this, and 42-3 should be My, but apparently not. says 42-2 is MyNet only at 7-9 pm (CDT); rest of the time, this tv. And 42-3 is Estrella TV. They have 35 other affiliates including a LP DTV in Tulsa I`ve yet to see, KXAP-LD on 51.

RF45 is KMTV Omaha, but I was only getting KSNW Wichita. Omaha 17, 22 fullpower stations, did not show up, as uplooked later.

BTW, local analog KXOK-32 Enid completely off the air today, instead of just transmitting No Signal, or RTV (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 1580 mystery: another Saturday morning, August 14, so I am all set to try to nail it down. But this week, KOKB is transmitting not only carrier, but (over)modulation when first checked at 1231 UT, with Stillwater ads, atop several weaker signals, so no clear shot at the Spanish to come after 1300. At 1249 I time KOKB 1580 running 11 seconds behind KOKP 1120 Perry OK. After 1300 both stay on Fox Sports Radio.

No sign of KGAF Gainesville TX on 1580, but I am listening to their webcast,  Will it switch into Spanish? No! Still ``Your Hometown Station`` with 25 Years of Hits.

I also check the ESPN Deportes schedule and audio via
At 10 am (EDT obviously) on Sat is ``Mano a Mano``. It`s a one-on-one interview, this time with some futbolista. It certainly seems like the  show I was hearing previous weeks at this time; does frequently refer to ESPN Deportes (mandatorily always pronounced iespien, i.e. as in English to avoid unpleasant connotations in Spanish), which I never caught on 1580. The only affiliate on 1580 we know of is WTTN in Wisconsin; either that or some other station with wrong satellite feed. It still seems a bit late, a sesquihour after sunrise 1149 UT to be getting WTTN 600+ miles away to the NNE. Besides, it`s almost the same direxion as KOKB, so nulling that should not really work.

I also try to hear anything else on 1580 itself this week, by nulling KOKB on the DX-398, and indeed I can detect some Spanish talk at 1316 for a few minutes, still with plenty KOKB QRM. I try to correlate it with the ESPND webcast but cannot, altho it seems like the same material; of course it`s not synchronized and I am not sure which would come first in this case. A financial ad in English overtook at 1318, probably KREL CO; and a gospel huxter in English at 1324, mixing with the Spanish (Glenn Hauser, Enid OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ###