mercoledì 16 giugno 2010

VOA Music Mix on SW

Glenn and I discovered VOA Music Mix variety with Victoria Ray is on SW 1405-1430z weekdays. At first, we thought that was a wrong feed. Today I've got a replay from 2 VOA monitors, who explained to me that, as of May 03, as a result from a new VOA English program line-up, VOA Global English feed carries regular English program in Asia, and VOA ENGLISH TO AFRICA regularly carries MUSIC MIX program 1405-1430z Monday-Friday!!!
VOA English to Africa 1400-1430 frequencies:
4930 BOT 020
6080 SAO 138
12080 SAO 100
15580 SAO 138
17585 GB  094
(DrAgan via dxld ml)