giovedì 3 giugno 2010

Unid Bolivian 5765a FMing

Bolivia. 5765a UNID at 1010, FMing, on May 31, 2010 w/ Andean mx, then nx or anmts in SP unreadable but found better readability around 5759 to 5762, only on signal peaks. QRK3. Undoubtely Bolivian mentioning "Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos", "Buenos Dias Bolivia" and "estado boliviano", among other cues. Spur of 6035 Panamericana?. An mp3 recording with selection of most usable audio has been uploaded to (Nigro, Uruguay, May 31).
Horacio A. Nigro
Kenwood R600 + randomwire
Montevideo - Uruguay