domenica 27 giugno 2010

Escuchas / Escutas / Logs

6025 Red Patria Nueva, La Paz, 1042-1049, June 27, Aymara News programme. All in quechua. 34433

6165 Radio Logos (p), Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 1050-1102, June 27, Spanish. Religious programme in spanish., 24442

15225 Radio Save the Gambia Democracy, via the Nauen site in Germany, 1815-1825, June 26, ¿language?,  The organization which sponsors and produces the program is the Save the Gambia Democracy Project. Their website is <> Report with S/on, music, announcement and identification, music. Very long talk by female,  ID in english! as: "...This is Save the Gambia Democracy Project...............", 34443

Arnaldo Slaen