venerdì 29 febbraio 2008

EDXC Conference 2008

The conference will be held 5-7 September in Vaasa, Finland organised by the Finnish DX Association as the 50th Anniversary meeting of the club.

The conference web pages are at The pages do not include prices of the conference packages, but they will be available soon. There will be packages including accomodation at the hotel as well as without accomodation (for those willing to use other options). However, all accomodation reservation to the conference Hotel Silveria shall be made through the FDXA, as the room reservation has been centralized to us.

The pages include a description of an optional post-conference tour and those interested can vote upon what tour they specially would like to join. However, this voting will be closing soon, so please send your vote as soon as possible.

(Risto Vahakainu via HCDX)