giovedì 28 febbraio 2008

Ascolti da Milano

Alcuni ascolti (non proprio freschi di giornata) da Milano Lambrate

9805 1810 1/2 V.O.A., via Botswana, news, PP. Good.
11735 1750 1/2 Voice of Tanzania, Dole, TK,VV. Fair.
11990 1802 1/2 R.Kuwait, Sulaibiyah, Religious TK, EE. Very Good.

Michele D'Amico

Technical details of the equipment on this side:
- Location: downtown Milano, Northern Italy
- Receivers:
Modern: Drake R8E, Icom IC-R72 and DE1103
Vintage: BC348R, Zenith Trans-oceanic G500, Satellit 210
- Antenna: just a random peice of wire, 7 metres long
I also have a HAM callsign: IZ2EAS